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    Is my game version not possible to work with this mod 1.0.877.1?
    When spawning a ghost it crashes and says SCRIPT HOOK V CRITICAL ERROR FATAL: Can't find native 0x1087BC8EC540DAEB tried installing latest script hook v and visual 2015-19 still nope
    The lap times work though, this mod really great makes it fun to race on a modded touge sadly i can't spawn my ghost but maybe there's fix that might work on my version would be glad to know.

    sierpień 30, 2022
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    i crash when reaching finish line , for a track i created start to finish script hook v error can't find native

    sierpień 28, 2022
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    I can't notice the difference between 20&30% do 30% slides more than 20? and what's good for driving on a touge with straights and corners

    sierpień 23, 2022
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    it conflicts with irohazaka?

    sierpień 23, 2022