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    @linhkts thanks so much for these great tanks!!! I have a video that I'm doing where the tank needs to go unrealistically fast. In Menyoo, I know how to increase the acceleration, the max speed, hp etc but from stand still it will go very fast and then always settle back down to around 60 - 70 kms with occasional boosts. Do you know of a way that I can remove the 70kms limit on your tanks?

    wrzesień 27, 2018
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    @EliCorona @jay ricardo - GTA kept giving me an 'exited unexpectedly' error message after the latest updates. Then I went into edit mode in Open IV and it gave me a message about needing to update the update.rpf file. So Open IV updated the update.rpf file for me and now everything works fine. I don't know if this will fix your problem but I though I'd share this just in case.

    sierpień 06, 2018