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    I just watched the video tutorial on how to add this car and I can confirm I did everything correctly but the game keeps crashing. Won't even load to be able to let me spawn the vehicle. I'm so so so so incredibly sad.

    styczeń 07, 2023
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    I can't seem to install this car. This is a car I drive RIGHT NOW. I love my little Grand Am and would love to put it in my game.

    I did all the steps in the instructions and now my game just keeps crashing. Can someone help me please I really need this car in my game. Idk what I did wrong. :'(

    styczeń 07, 2023
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    I love this mod!!!
    Can someone please make a 1978 Delta 88??? I LOVE the grill on the 78 so much more than 73!!!
    It would be really nice to recreate a situation in my life in GTA V but a 73 won't do... Until a 78 is made my dream will never come true and I don't know anything about blender I tried and almost threw my computer out the window.

    kwiecień 09, 2021