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    @HellOnWheels357 nope, not my mod, it's the vanilla impulse forces in the game

    lipiec 20, 2019
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    @HellOnWheels357 vehicleaitasks.ymt, this is how my dead driver task looks

    <Item type="CTaskVehicleDeadDriver__Tunables">
    <SwerveTime value="999.000000" />
    <MinSteerAngle value="-0.00000" />
    <MaxSteerAngle value="0.00000" />
    <MinThrottle value="100.00000" />
    <MaxThrottle value="100.000000" />
    <MinBrake value="0.000000" />
    <MaxBrake value="0.000000" />

    czerwiec 17, 2019
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    @Typhoon ALL of the reactions use the same actions, save for random parameters for time before reach for wound and others that don't alter the balance. I literally remade the base shot reaction and commented out all other shot parameters, if they're falling over from torso shots they're usually close to dying or the force they're hit with is set extremely high in your weapons.meta (vanilla forces are really high, and use specific bone tags fopr different force amounts for each weapon). If you look under "Shot_HeadShot" and "Shot_(Automatic)HeadShot(Automatic)" (unsure of the order, apologies), you can copy the balance portion over and set balanceindefinitely to false and change maxbalancesteps to a low integer and maxbalancetime parameters to a low float value for your own personal mod that'll do exactly that, I can't recall if there's a specific parameter for body/torso shots in the Shot__Tunable

    listopad 06, 2018
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    @YouOnMyBlockNow The other mod, probably without. Vanilla tasks usually have a predefined max amount of steps for given scenarios and mine goes out of its way to max out the amount of steps and "balanceindefinitely" flags (what I dont post in the description is that you get the "same" reaction per shot, no matter the weapon, location, whatever, with randomized amounts for reach for wound values and the like), and with stayupright on, the NPCs when shot, unless they were stepping prior, will probably just stand in place, reach for the wound and then limp ragdoll when they "bleed out" or however R* codes it. I've been working on this mod for two, maybe three years now, because with physicstasks you can change all sorts of different aspects of the gameplay reactions, so in that regard, yeah I prefer this one, but again, its personal preference and they both accomplish different things. I don't typically use others' mods unless it's to get an idea of how modding a game works, but usually go my own route, so I couldn't really tell you about any realism mods as I haven't really used any. The mods I currently have made for my own gameplay are: I tried tweaking dispatch.meta with annihilators and buzzards, and the models spawn, but pilots wouldn't automatically use the guns or missiles on them, and I don't want to have to rely on scripts to make it work; loadouts.meta, I gave *everyone* driveby weapons, and gangs and police pretty much get the entirety of the main wall of AmmuNation randomly chosen for their loadouts, but alas, RPGs don't seem to be coded the way I want for helicopter cops, but other than that, a tiny disagreement in my world typically turns into the entire city block erupting into a gunfight; popcycle.dat - taking forever having to consult a map but I'm trying to pretty much just have solid gang regions throughout the entirety of the map; randomevents.ymt - no cooldown or radius change necessary for random cop chases to happen throughout the city; relationships.dat - gangs respect members in their respective gangs and hate all other gangs and cops, in conjunction with popcycle will eventually lead into an all out war in Los Santos; and vehicleaitasks - when I shoot a driver, instead of going forwards a little bit and turning, I gave my dead driver a lead foot with no random turning angle, so it becomes a vehicular bullet. All that to say, I'm not really going for realism, and the only reason the two mods exist is because I wanted the NPCs to stay up more after having played GTA 4 and Max Payne 3, but that shit ain't realism or real life, yo. People get shot, they drop. Fast.

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    wrzesień 25, 2018
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    @YouOnMyBlockNow Personal preference. The other just changes the force of weapons on peds to 1, so you can use it with whatever Euphoria mod (or none) you like. This one changes their actual reactions.

    wrzesień 22, 2018
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    @cp1dell https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iCB18PfX4hpv2IocQtkCobpaMbPW_rJ9/view?usp=sharing

    wrzesień 15, 2018
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    @cp1dell I removed them altogether (commented them out), and changed the forcehitped parameter for the specified weapons

    wrzesień 15, 2018
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    @cp1dell I put the values on the actual YouTube for Project 39, but the ForHitPed's for the weapons are: Pistol - 50; MicroSMG - 25; SMG - 40; Assault Rifle - 50; Carbine Rifle - 60; Shotgun - 15; Sniper Rifle - 100, removing the bone overrides. I was testing with values similar to GTA IV

    wrzesień 14, 2018