Albany Primo ARD [Add-on, tuning, template] 1.2 lods/breakable windows

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Albany Primo ARD
spawn name : primoard

3rd mod from the Ydrop team
3d : player 1, player 2
meta : player 2
handling : player 1
2d creation : player 3, player 2, player 1
lore by player 3

A sa sortie, l'Albany Primo est la voiture familiale par excellence. Elle est l'un des plus gros succès de son époque et devient : "la voiture de Papa".

Alors quand arrivent les 20 ans du modèle, Albany décide d'en faire une version complète en confiant le travail à sa Albany Racing Division.

Et là, c'est l'apogée. La Primo ARD est née. Le passé n'est pas mis aux oubliettes mais le modèle se paye un vrai lifting et se voit coller un moteur de la Karin Sultan RS qui vous collera la colonne au fond de votre siège baquet flambant neuf. Pour les amoureux du tuning japonais, de offroad décalé ou de widebody au moteur surgonflé, tout devient possible.

Daddy is back.

When it came out, the Albany Primo was the ultimate family car. It was one of the biggest hits of its time and becomes: "Daddy's car".

So when the 20 years of the model arrive, Albany decides to make a complete version by entrusting the work to his Albany Racing Division.

And here is the climax. The Primo ARD was born. The past is not forgotten but the model wins a real facelift and sees himself sticking a motor of the Karin Sultan RS that will stick your column at the bottom of your brand new bucket seat. For lovers of Japanese tuning, offset offroad or widebody engine over-inflated, everything becomes possible.

Daddy is back

instal in the read me (english/français)

- more than 180 custom pieces
- fully reworked model
- template (not realy on date. sort of touring hight trunk is rotate 180°
-Engine & Sound swap
-Lods (probably missing on somes tuning part, not on modele, still dont know how to do it fine)

report any bug to help improve it

- bozo flares aren't mapped /!\ there's no more place, if you want it, made it
- template isn"t optimised, be cool, it's our first
- windows wont break (but light yes)
- some tuning parts may not fit together (for sure)
- livery are all in beta, they will be finished in the v2
- exhaust 10/11 dont work fine, dont know why

Any resemblance with real vehicles isn't accidental :p

enjoy, and remember to drive safe ;)



fixed missing texture :
- floor carpet
- bump map on plate albany, and on luminous plates
- grille mesh in elegy style front bumper

fixed wrong 3d :
- first serie of rear bumper
- touring roof position
- attempt for fixing exhaust 10/11
- 2door rear pannel missing window ledg is normaly fixed

fixed meta
- bumper indicator twerk (front)

v 1.2

- lods
- breakable windows

/!\ there wont be other major change, only some lods fix /!\

support and bug report if needed
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