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The most corrupt county police department in San Andreas has decided to crack down on reckless drivers and rich kids driving their gaudily pimped Pegassis speeding through pothole-ridden county roads - and they will achieve it with no less than expensive toys seized from drug-dealing criminals and other cash-flashing lowlives. Nevermind the recently sky-rocketing murder rate in Blaine County - car guys enjoying their rides just above the speed limit in the middle of nowhere have now become the primary target of Blaine County PD. Traffic information for today: avoid getting seized and dispatched.
Five-Star Police Auctions


Installation guide in a readme file in the archive.


+ Added 5 vehicles: Bravado Banshee V10 (2 variants), Dewbauchee Rapid GT, Pegassi Vacca (Polizia Stradale variant), Vapid Torrence.
• F620: improved vividity of blue livery parts.

+ Added 4 vehicles: Lampadati Felon, Ocelot F620, Pegassi Infernus Classic, Pegassi Torero.
• General: replaced Wiwang ELS siren controller texture with a blue variant with new font and logo.
• Rocoto: improved emergency light texture brightness.

+ Initial release.

This is a vehicle pack themed after Seacrest County Police Department as depicted in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010). As of 3.0, it contains 16 vehicles:

• Annis Elegy RH8,
• Bravado Banshee V10 (2 variants),
• Bravado Buffalo S/C,
• Dewbauchee Rapid GT,
• Lampadati Felon,
• Obey Rocoto,
• Ocelot F620,
• Pegassi Infernus Classic,
• Pegassi Torero,
• Pegassi Vacca (2 variants),
• Ubermacht Sentinel XS.
• Vapid Bullet GT,
• Vapid Stanier.
• Vapid Torrence.

Full livery support: 4K templates available in the archive.
• Vehicle fleet, equipment and livery design based closely on original Seacrest County PD vehicles seen in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010).
• Faithfully recreated emergency lighting setups and patterns.
• BCPD vanity plates.
• Wobbling antennae.
• Various smaller model fixes.
All basic vehicle functions: breaking glass, dirt mapping, all LODs etc.

This mod includes a config file for an Auto Engine Sound Swapper script that changes the engine sound of all cars of this pack upon spawning to their stock counterparts - while keeping audible sirens!

Rockstar Games - original vehicle and police equipment models.
Voit Turyv - BCPD vehicle variants, UV mapping and templating: Banshee V10, Buffalo S/C, Bullet GT, Elegy RH8, F620, Felon, Infernus Classic, Rapid GT, Rocoto, Sentinel XS, Torero, Vacca, BCPD livery designs, lightbar models, lighting setups, interior police equipment, Vapid Stanier: hubcap model improvements, text files.
TheF3nt0n - UV mapping and templating: Vapid Stanier.
Vx5 Voltage - model: Vapid Torrence.
m4k3 - Vapid Stanier: hubcap model.
11john11 - rim models: Vapid Stanier, Vapid Torrence.
le_shark - Bravado Buffalo S/C: improved rear end model.
FatherMckenzie - Bravado Banshee V10 ARS: front lip and spoiler models.
MGgames100 - Ocelot F620: rim model.
Skitty - Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.
Johnny362000 - vehicle handling: Bravado Buffalo S/C, Vapid Bullet GT.
Eddlm - support for Auto Engine Sound Swapper script.
MyCrystals! - BCPD motto.

AlexanderLB - textures: Blaine County PD star and shield, BCPD plate, Wiwang Emergency Lighting System, police laptop wallpaper, vehicle badges: Banshee V10, F620, Infernus Classic, Rapid GT.
Boywond - livery: Polizia Stradale (white stripes), vehicle badges: Buffalo S/C, Bullet GT, Rocoto, Torero, Vacca.
Monkeypolice188 - Vapid Torrence: livery.
Testarossa - livery: Mario Cazzo.
TheSecretPower - BCPD livery designs, vehicle badges: Torero.
Xepy - livery: Vacca Ultraleggera.

11john11, Anthony1081, Introvert, Monkeypolice188, TheSecretPower.

If you want to modify the models or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.
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