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TheF3nt0n, Thundersmacker, OnePiece and others

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There's the weakling's liberty thrown around in adverts for just about any so-called puny "4x4". Then there's the true man's liberty - being able to roll out into any hot zone of his choosing without breaking a sweat. Meet the Squaddie - a light tactical military truck that made tactical massacres hip. No op too small and no country too frit for this little jeep - the Squaddie's guaranteed to tip the odds in its owner's favor. Turret available for outfitting - for true adepts of Murphy's law.

This is OnePiece's Patriot that was converted by Thundersmacker to GTA IV and reconverted to V by me. The Mammoth Squaddie is the military version of the Patriot Classic with two versions; armed and unarmed. The armed version is equipped with a machine gun mounted on top of the car while the unarmed version lacks it. There is a tow hitch under the rear bumper so it can be used to tow any small trailers in game and the windows are also bulletproof. There was a beta car named the Squaddie in game, it was a military vanilla Patriot, however it was cut without any reason, hence why I'm using the "Squaddie" as the name for this car.

There are three optional liveries provided in the file. One livery is an Australian army camouflage livery while the rest are liveries of the Civilization Committee Peacekeeping Forces with the Spanish and Dutch forces included as separate liveries, however the Dutch CC livery is only reserved for the unarmed version.

- squaddie2
- squaddie3


- OnePiece - Original model
- Thundersmacker - Conversion to IV
- TheF3nt0n - Conversion to V
- AlexanderLB, HardR and OtherSideGuy - Liveries
- Yard1 - Turret parts
- MyCrystals! - Description
- Sealyx - Screenshots

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