NOOSE Expanded Pack [Add-On] 9.0

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This mod transforms the National Office of Security Enforcement from simple tactical units (TRU) and almost nonexistent Patriotism and Immigration Authority (PIA) into a proper law enforcement agency.


- NOOSE SEP Cruiser
- NOOSE TSS Dilettante
- NOOSE TSS Granger
- NOOSE TRU Granger
- NOOSE PIA Granger
- NOOSE SEP Maverick
- NOOSE Frogger
- NOOSE TRU Transporter
- NOOSE CG Predator
- NOOSE CG Annihilator
- NOOSE CG Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat
- NOOSE CG Cargobob
- NOOSE CG Granger
- NOOSE Riot
- NOOSE SEP Transporter
- NOOSE CSS Burrito
- NOOSE CSS Towtruck
- NOOSE CG Swift
- NOOSE Hazmat Van
- NOOSE Mobile Command Brickade


- One TSS Officer
- One PIA Officer
- Two TRU Officers
- Two SEP Officers
- Two Field Agents
- One Coast Guard Agent
- Two CSS Officers
- One TRU Riot Control Officer
- One Hazmat Worker


- Tactical Response Unit (TRU)
- Patriotism and Immigration Authority (PIA)
- Security Enforcement Police (SEP)
- Transportation Security Service (TSS)
- TSS Aviation Regulation and Security Enforcement (ARSE) (based on Federal Air Marshal Service)
- National Coast Guard (NOOSE CG)
- Crime Scene Services (NOOSE CSS)
- Hazardous Materials Unit (NOOSE Hazmat)

Change log:

Added a new agency: NOOSE Hazmat Unit

Added the NOOSE Hazmat Van.
Added the NOOSE Mobile Command Brickade.
Added a Coast Guard Swift (NOOSE CG Swift).

Added a NOOSE CSS Assistant.
Added a NOOSE Hazmat worker.
Updated the SEP 2 model.
Updated the TRU 3 model.
Updated the TSS model.
Updated the PIA model.

Added a new agency: NOOSE Crime Scene Services

Added the NOOSE CSS Burrito.
Added the NOOSE CSS Towtruck.
Changed the textures on the NOOSE TRU Transporter.

Updated the SEP 1 model.
Updated the TSS model.
Updated the TRU 1 model.
Added a NOOSE Riot Control officer.
Added a NOOSE CSS Investigator.

Removed the "Dispatch.meta with TRU 3" folder.
Modified the "dispatch.meta" file.
Added a "Dispatch Riot" folder.
- Instead of the LSPD, LSSD, NOOSE SEP, and NOOSE PIA, it dispatches NOOSE TRU Riot Control Teams (helicopters, TRU armed units, roadblocks, and Coast Guard respond normally).
Modified the "pedpersonality.ymt" and "loadouts.meta" files.

Added the NOOSE SEP Transporter (a detainee transport van).
Added the NOOSE Riot.
Added a Coast Guard Granger (NOOSE CG Granger).

Removed the original SEP 2 officer.
Replaced the SEP 2 officer model with the TRU 2 model.
Removed the TRU 2 officer.
Added a new TRU officer. (TRU 3)

Modified the "dispatch.meta".

Known issues:
Small possibility of a crash during a 4 or 5 star wanted level. (unknown cause)
(If you find the crashes annoying (or frequent) try replacing the
"Dispatch.meta with TRU 3" with "Dispatch.meta without TRU 3" (if you are using the "dispatch.meta" provided with this mod))

Added a new agency: National Coast Guard

IRL the U.S. Coast Guard operates under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security during peacetime.

The National Coast Guard operating under NOOSE is based on that fact.

-3 new vehicles:
NOOSE CG Annihilator
NOOSE CG Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat
NOOSE CG Cargobob (it floats)

Renamed the NOOSE Transporter to NOOSE TRU Transporter.
Renamed the NOOSE Predator to NOOSE CG Predator.
Renamed the NOOSE Maverick to NOOSE SEP Maverick.
Changed the textures on the NOOSE CG Predator.
Changed the textures on the NOOSE TRU Transporter.

Added a new slightly modified version of the Coast Guard ped.
Changed the textures on the second SEP model.
Added a N.O.O.S.E. patch to the first TRU model.

Modified the "dispatch.meta".
Removed the optional "peds.meta".
Installing the "pedpersonality.ymt" and "loadouts.meta" files is required for the mod to work properly. (Create backups of these files.)

-2 new vehicles:
NOOSE Transporter
NOOSE Predator

Changed the patches on the vanilla NOOSE TRU officer from POLICE/FIB to N.O.O.S.E.

Added "weapons.meta" and "pickups.meta".

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling."
Introducing the Tear Gas Launcher.

The weapon is given to the player upon entering a NOOSE Transporter.

Or spawn it in by typing its model name:
in Read Me.

- No HUD icon
- Possibility of it despawning from your inventory.

Make backups of your "weapons.meta" and "pickups.meta".

-Added a new vehicle: NOOSE Frogger

-Modified dispatch.meta.
-Added a new pedpersonality.ymt.
-Added a new loadouts.meta.
-All of the other changes and additional info are listed in Read Me.

-Added a new field agent.
-Added a new TRU officer.
-Added a dispatch.meta. At three stars and above SEP responds in the city while PIA responds in the country (there are also PIA and SEP roadblocks). At four stars and above TRU officers respond in the NOOSE Maverick. At five stars TRU officers respond in the NOOSE TRU Granger.
-Fixed a bug with the NOOSE SEP Cruiser.

-Initial Release


- OpenIV
- SirenSetting Limit Adjuster

Siren id: 7090


In Read Me.

You may edit the files. Do not re-upload.
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