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I couldn't really think of a title, but this mod is a simple work-around that replaces ALL Scopes with an invisible model so that your aiming animation goes from the awkward Hipfire to a more professional ADS look, and as for the weapons that don't need the animation fix, it's basically just a removal of the scope for people like me who don't particularly care for Scopes on weapons.

UPDATE: This mod now works with First Person!... Sort of - If you get jedijosh920's Custom Reticle Mod and activate it, your custom Reticle will appear where the Scope's dot sight used to be, correcting your aim. It's not perfect, but if you like first person and you downloaded a third person oriented mod, it's on you if it doesn't go according to plan. Just sayin'.

This mod contains optional Luxe and Non-Luxe scope models for your convenience. (If you have a Luxe replacer that doesn't use a scope, you can replace the scope without renaming files and vice versa.)

Keep in mind that ALL SCOPES, aside from the Sniper Rifles, are removed by this mod. The reason for this is that the MGs use the same scopes as the Assault and Carbine Rifles, so it is an unavoidable loss, so I just decided to wipe out ALL scopes for people who have weapon replacements that can't use them. (Special Carbine, Advanced Rifle, Bullpup Rifle, etc...)

My custom GTA Online skins seen in the screenshots are now provided in the mod. Pick up Skin Changer 2.1 and drop my .INI into your GTAV Folder.


Credit to beazelweasel for the idea to fix the MG scopes, as the MGs in this game also hipfire unless you put a scope on them, credit to Jridah and juh00 for the support, and credit to ReaperVC for helping me explain the mod and keep things clean down in the comments. You've all been a lot of help. Thank you.

Remember to back up the original files, then place these files in:

Models used in screenshots:
Mac 11 by Jridah (Small Weapon Pack)
IMI Mini Uzi by Jridah
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