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Real | RAGE ™ is a mod family which currently contains Real | RAGE V ™ and Real | RAGE RED ™.
The goal of the Real | RAGE ™ mod family to enhance the games made by Rockstar Games with RAGE game engine.

Real | RAGE - The GTA V Enhancer
Real | RAGE Graphics Enhancer
Real | RAGE Graphics Enhancer L|ite
Real | RAGE Weapons and Damage Enhancer
Real | RAGE 4K Water Overhaul
Real | RAGE - Vehicles Enhancer

There are two OIV installer files in the install folder, weapons and extras.
- If you need the full Real | RAGE experience, install both.
- Weapons contains: enhanced weapons and brawling.
- Extras contains: pickups-blood-dispatch-bullet impact-euphoria enhancements, vehicles and more materials shoot through, nerfed cops-swat-army, gangs hate each others and cops (gang fights), cops are patroling on foot and with cars, more people on beaches and on promenades, cops-swat-army are using lights on their weapons in dark;

Manual installation option is available.

You can read the readme file online before you download the mod:

- All weapons and vehicle turrets are enhanced;
- Vehicles and more objects/materials can be shoot through;
- Damage of weapons and ped’s health has been balanced, cops are tougher, small caliber pistols has lower headshot damage, sometimes peds needs 2 shots to the head to be fatal, cops needs 2 shots mostly, and SWAT helmet needs 3 or 4 shots;
- Silencers are not affecting the damage and the range of the weapons;
- The weapons will not be more accurate when you zoom in;
- Semi-automatic weapons works like they should, you need to click (pull the triger) before every shot;
- Improved bullet impact visuals;
- All weapons has unique range, recoil, rumble and accuracy;
- All weapons’s muzzle flash and smoke, force, zoom and FOV has been adjusted;
- Increased the zoom of the weapons and added zoom to weapons wich ones doesn’t have originally;
- Adjusted the firerate and reload time of all the weapons;
- You can use more weapons in vehicles;
- Firework launcher reworked: fast rockets, fast reload, detonation on high altitude, bigger effects… so you can make more spectacular fireworks!
- You can shoot down planes flying on high altitude with homing launcher;
- Now you can detach the scopes of the sniper rifles with a trainer (except marksman rifle);
- Enhanced ragdoll, body physics and reactions (euphoria);
- Added a description to the installation guide to make peds suffer when critically injured instead of die immediately;
- Pickups are not glowing and you have to press action button to pick them up; smaller pick up radius (you have to stand next to them to pick them up);
- Peds drop nothing when they die;
- Adjustments for blood effects: no blood mist on body shot, only on headshot, added headshot exit wound, no blood mist on dead bodies (only on headshots);
- Gangs hates each others, domestic animals likes the player, and some more relationships tweaks;
- Tweaked fist and melee fights, no more kicking with melee weapon in hand;
- Tweaked dispatch: adjusted cop’s, ambulance’s and fire dept.’s spawn time; hidden evasion times are halved on 1 and 2 stars; more cop car types will spawn; female cops are comming for you! 😊; police motorcycles will spawn at wanted level 1, 2 and 3; now deputys are comming with sheriff jeeps too not just the SWAT;
- Cops, SWAT and army now reacts to when their comrades gets shot;
- Cops, SWAT and army are now less accurate when firing at you;
- Now cops are not firing at you from police helicopter (police helicopters are now just for searching, following and showing your position with reflectors);
- SWAT has flashlight on their guns; cops has flashlight on their pistols;
- Adjusted the combat behaviour and accuracy of the AI;
- Adjusted the driving/pursuit behaviour of police, swat and army;
- No wounds, blood and bullet holes on protagonists;
- More wounds visible/appears on peds;
- Explosions and explosives are reworked to be a bit realistic;
- The minigun now sounds like an A-10 Warthog… BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT…. 😊
- …and much more!


Thank You!

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© 2020 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe)
Release notes
v3.2.0 (11/15/20)

compatibility: 1.0.2060.1 | 1.52

- Made compatible with the new game version (1.0.2060.1 | 1.52);

- Adjusted the range of the shotguns;
- Adjusted the fire rates of the pistols;
- Adjusted the range of the stun gun;
- Combat pistol is now shooting one bullet instead of 3 (back to vanilla behaviour);
- Increased a bit the damage of the carbine rifle, the assault rifle and their MKII variants;
- Increased rocket explosion visuals (biger smoke, fire ball);
- Adjusted the accuracy of the sniper rifles;

- Adjusted the combat behaviour and accuracy of the AI;
- Adjusted the driving/pursuit behaviour of police, swat and army;
- Adjusted the altitude of the police helicopter;
- Now all police weapons has flashlight;
- Now police has new weapons – cops: pistol MKII, combat pistol, pump shotgun MKII | Swat: carbine rifle MKII with attachements;

- No changes were made;

- The muzzle flash light still appears when the weapon has suppressor on;
- The muzzle flash light is not appearing in the Rockstar Editor, nor in the rendered video;

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