Grotti Automobile Showroom (93+ Cars Garage) 1.0

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Havent been on this site for ages, but ive got back to GTA 5 a bit lately and did work on a new map. The Grotti Automobile Showroom provides you space to store more than 93 vehicles and includes a small airport with an luxor and two helicopters.

  • The Grotti Automobile Showroom is located almost next to Trevors house in Sandy Shores. You cant miss it.

    GrottiShowroomP.xml (1669 props, 75 peds)
    GrottiShowroomH.xml (1666 props, 0 peds)

    Installation (When you only want to load the map)
  • 1. Install the Map Editor by Guadmaz and make sure its the latest version and works correctly, this is very important!

  • 2. Choose one of the files above and move it to your GTA main folder.
  • 3. Ingame, press F7 to open Map Editor, select LOAD/XML and type the name of the map in there to load it (GrottiShowroomH for example).

    Note if you want to store vehicles)
    If you want to store vehicles you have to use Szabos persistance mod. Its a bit tricky to make it work since the author is not going to update his mod anymore, altough, as you can see in my pictures/video it still works. You will probably need an older scripthook.net to make that mod work for you. I will keep work on this map and try to add SPG support aswell (As i took a longer break i am not sure how up to date that SPG mod is so i will take a look at that). I also plan to add a version with fully unmodded cars.

    Please do not upload these files on any other site. However, you are welcome to share the link to this site whereever you want. I also appreciate every comment in the section below, reviews on Youtube and everything like that. Cheers and have fun!
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