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This mod is now under a collection of mods called Project Enhancement V. Read more below.

=== Official Project Enhancement V Discord ===
Make sure to join our Discord for suggestions, bug reports, support, and a look at what's going on. "https://discord.gg/apm3xCcg82".

=== About Project Enhancement V ===
"PEV is a collection of modifications to enhance Grand Theft Auto V without the use of scripts with many hours formulating ideas, conducting analytical researches, investigations, and tests, as well as working around the limits through every loophole we can possibly find to push the game's native files to its limits."

=== About Alternative Wanted Music ===

After playing GTAV for a while, the wanted themes in the game began to become stale. Now with a more intense wanted configuration and such, these wanted themes don't seem to live up to the intensity anymore. So I took it upon myself to handpick some of GTAV's tracks, and remix the stems of both vanilla and new tracks added in to bring more intensity, and to make the newly added themes to give off that "wanted by the police" vibe.

=== Information ===
If you want a custom soundtrack yourself, choose a game soundtrack to choose from inside the x64 audio files. Then export it to open formats. Next, choose the soundtrack you want to replace and export to open formats. Replace the .wavs inside the soundtrack you want to replace with the soundtrack you want. After that, rename the added soundtrack to the replaced soundtracks name. for example.


Keep the .oac unedited outside of the replaced soundtracks folder. then export it back to .awc.

=== Features ===
- Replaced some soundtracks with alternative variants from other missions or dlcs.
- Remixed stems of the soundtracks to either give off a more "wanted by the police' vibe or for more intensity.

=== Installation ===
1.) Run, and install the .OIV package provided in the winrar file.
2.) Go and play.

=== Changelog ===

Release 2.1
- RG10 score now sounds less dreamy and more so that "shits about to go down."

Release 2.0
- Reworked mod from scratch, with serious consideration of overall balancing the vibe of being "wanted by the police," as well as the overall themes of missions.

Release 1.3
- Fixed soundtrack "Vacuum"

Release 1.2
- Edited rg10 for more pronounced percussion.
-"td_dr_destructo_fake" is changed to Heist Track 3 from Online.
Edited search track afterwards for more emotion.
- Replaced "td_city" with "td_universal."

Release 1.1
- Changed replacing "td_dragoner" to replacing "rg15."
- Changed replacing "wdy_nine_blurt" to replacing "ba_metz_debunked"
- Changed replacing "wdy_track 8" to replacing "wdy_mission_seven."

Release 1.0

Modified for Project Enhancement V
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