Fixes & Improvements 1.2

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This mod fixes various errors and oversights in the game
Note: a complete list of fixes can be found in "FixesList.txt" inside the archive

- OpenIV.asi
- "mods" folder

- Move the "spfixes" folder in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks" and "<Item>dlcpacks:/spFixes/</Item>" to the "dlclist.xml"
- Import the "common", "dlc_patch" and "x64" folders from the "Manual Installation" folder in "mods\update\update.rpf"

Special Thanks:
dexyfex for Codewalker
Skylumz for Sollumz
The OpenIV Team for OpenIV
Note: a complete list of credits can be found in "Credits.txt" inside the archive


Weapons fixes:
- Fixed the UV map on the luxe magazines of the Bullpup Rifle and Marskman Rifle
- Fixed a part of decal on the LOD model of the Minigun
- Fixed the decals of the warning stickers and a bar code on the Railgun (both day one and XM3 models)
- Fixed the UV map on the wires of the Sticky Bomb. Thanks to Slick for finding the error

Props fixes:
- A misplaced collision of the "prop_beach_parasol_09.yft" prop. Thanks to a_asdf556 for finding the error

Peds fixes:
- Removed the head props from the "a_m_y_stwhi_01" NPC to avoid clipping with the hair. Thanks to x3mgamer for reporting the issue
- Changed the text on the body armour of the "s_m_y_sheriff_01" NPC from "police" to "sheriff"
- Changed the "propFlags" value of the "s_m_y_fireman_01" NPC so that it spawns with the hat

Players fixes:
- Replaced the MP Male day one, I'm Not a Hipster and Heists DLC leather jacket textures with the higher res ones from Trevor
- Replaced the MP Male "Utility Bomber" jacket textures from the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC with the higher res ones from Franklin
- Replaced the MP Male "Fruity Plaid Untucked" shirt diffuse and normal map textures from the I'm Not a Hipster DLC with the higher res ones from Franklin
- Replaced the MP Male Slip-ons shoes textures from the Lowriders: Custom Classics DLC with the ones from Michael which are less compressed/sharper

Misc fixes:
- Fixed map archives defined under a "contentChangeSet" without the "MO_JIM_L11" tag in various "patchDay" dlc packs
- Fixed peds, props and some other archives/files defined under the wrong "contentChangeSet" in various "patchDay" dlc packs
- Readded "V_Int_Metro_Subway1.rpf" back to the content.xml of the "patchDay4NG" dlc pack to fix the broken Rockford Hills subway textures
- Removed "mpsecurity_yacht.rpf" from the content.xml of the mpSecurity dlc pack to fix the "broken" sofa and table in the Franklin's mansion with the MP map and prevents a part of Vinewood Hills from disappearing when switching from GROUP_MAP back to GROUP_MAP_SP
- Updated the "Simple Jurisdiction Fix" mod to be compatible with the Cayo Perico Heist update and above. Thanks to Stryfaar for making the original mod
- Changed and corrected the text labels of various artist and song names shown on the radio wheel/vehicle radio
Thanks to rootcause for the v-labels repository and the GTA Wiki contributors for the radio stations songs list

Vehicles fixes:
- Changed the specular map texture assigned to the Cognoscenti Cabrio's badges to match the diffuse one
- Replaced the normal map texture of the Cognoscenti and Cognoscenti 55 (both civilian and armored) with one matching the diffuse
- Fixed a hole in the corner of the back seats of the Granger, FIB Granger and Park Ranger. Thanks to Pizzahut for finding the error
- Fixed the stretched front license plate of the Ardent
- Removed the higher res military liveries/camos

Updated the dlc pack and added some new files in the "Manual Installation" folder
Updated the installation instructions
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