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Gangs V aims to bring the gangs in GTA V to life. In the Vanilla game, the gangs play little-to-no role, basically just being used as ambience placeholders. I put an end to that; I've fine-tuned the relationships between each gang/set, recreating relationship groups from scratch and added a group for each specific set. Each relationship reflects that of the gangs according to the GTA Wiki and various other research methods, various sets beef with other specific sets - for example, the Original Covenenant Ballas and the Chamberlain Gangster Families are the main sets in each gang, and they beef with eachother. Then there's the East Side Ballas who are a smaller branch of the Ballas, and act as the "enforcers" - therefore beefing with both CGF (the "main" set) and Davis Neighborhood Families (the Families "enforcer" set).

Rival gangs will now be seen encroaching on other gang territory, as well as being seen around Los Santos in places they weren't able to spawn before. You may catch some Families gang members in West Vinewood, or some Ballas gang members in the Vespucci Canals. I've set the only "war" zones to be in South Los Santos.

The gang loadouts have been tweaked extensively, adding a huge variety of weapons to their arsenal, though a lot less people will be strapped. For realism purposes, I've toned down the number of gang members who are actually holding a gun a LOT, therefore you see a lot more fights and not every gang member you provoke will start WW3 wherever you are, though it can. Enjoy watching Ballas gang members attempt to jump a Families gang member, only for the Families member to pull out a Compact Rifle and get to dumping while the others run. Very satisfying.

There are a few optional files that are included that I highly recommend. I use all of them in my game personally, so I can't really predict the experience you'll get if you don't use all of them. I'll explain them a little below:

Optional fighting files: The optional fighting files are damn-near a necessity. They make the peds fighting a LOT more fun to watch, and make them harder to fight. The damages are tweaked to be more dynamic, and to make fights last longer. The peds ragdoll a LOT more when fighting as well, which may not be everyone's taste, but I love it personally. Ped health is also tweaked to be lower, this isn't necessarily needed but due to preference I threw it in there.

Optional peaceful gang cars script: When using these files without this script, gang members tended to hop out of their vehicles at every intersection to attack a rival and it would just always cause a huge mess. This script basically just checks if the ped is a gang member, and if he is in a car, and if so it changes his relationship group. All in all, this is just to keep the gangs more ambient than anything - so they don't disrupt more than they need to. You will still notice gang members hopping out of cars, but not NEARLY as much as without this script installed.

Optional join gangs script: Very, very simple script that allows you to join one of the Families relationship groups (DNF, CGF, or CAF) therefore making any rival set attack you on sight. Just a little extra fun.
F5 to join DNF, F6 to join CGF, F7 to join CAF.


Families sets

- Chamberlain Gangster Families: The largest, main set of the Families, the Chamberlain Gangsters dominate the Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry, and Mission Row areas. They beef with the main sets of the other two South Los Santos gangs, the Original Covenant Ballas and the Original Los Santos Vagos.

- Davis Neighborhood Families: The younger, more rowdy set of the Families, DNF occupy almost all of South Central, save Rancho. They can be seen in Chamberlain, Strawberry, and Davis. The Davis Neighborhood Families are considered the "enforcer" set of the Families, doing most of the dirty work out on the streets and handling majority of the beef - DNF beefs with the East Side Ballas, Original Covenant Ballas, and East Side Vagos.

- Carson Avenue Families: The Carson Avenue Families are considered a "rogue" or "cutthroat" set, they fall under the Families card and are still allied with the other sets but typically do their own thing and have been known to not play nice with some of the other sets. They can be seen around Chamberlain Hills and Davis, and have had members spotted around Del Perro Beach and West Vinewood. They beef with the Rancho Ballas and all of the Vago sets, though they're definitely not friendly with the other Ballas sets.

Ballas sets

- Original Covenant Ballas: OCBG is the main Ballas set, tending to stick more to their home-territory in South Central, yet expanding out beyond the ghetto - the Original Covenant Ballas can be found in Davis, Vespucci Canals, and East Vinewood. They beef with the other main sets of the South LS gangs, the Chamberlain Gangster Families, and the Original LS Vagos.

- East Side Ballas: the East Side Ballas are the gang's doberman set, acting as the street enforcers and taking responsibility for majority of the street crime in and around Davis. They can be found in Davis, Strawberry, Chamberlain, and Mirror Park. ESBG beefs with Davis Neighborhood Families, Chamberlain Gangster Families, and the East Side Vagos.

- Rancho Ballas: the Rancho Ballas typically do their own thing and stick to their own beefs, but they're not considered a "rogue" set like Carson Avenue Families, they are very supportive of their neighboring sets. Rancho Ballas are based out of Rancho, Davis, and Banning, and they beef with all of the Vagos sets, the Aztecas, and the Carson Avenue Families as well.

Vagos sets

was gonna finish but gta5-mods likes to delete all of the shit i already typed so im not tryna type it again sorry

To install, use OpenIV and follow the folder paths I have set up inside. Anything that is a .dll, put it in the "scripts" folder in your main GTA directory. This mod replaces game files, therefore if installing on top of other mods make SURE that this won't replace files NEEDED by that mod, or it could break your game.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and tag me.

Hope you enjoy!
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