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For all of you fellow storm enthusiasts, this is a mod/script that makes lightning look somewhat more realistic in game.
It basically makes lightning bolts more thick, less "zigzagy" and more abrupt in duration,
for a more natural approach. Also, optimizations were made on some lighting effects and the colours.

*NOTE* This mod works only with VisualV, so be sure to download it prior to installing this mod.

Installation instructions included within the .zip file, in the "Readme!" file.


- Added an option to choose between Normal and Branchless lightning channels if you wish to

- Added realistic flickering
- Duration tweaks; Lightning now crashes more abruptly
- Minor light intensity tweaks

- Tweaked the color of the lightning bolts so that they appear more natural and have that 'pillar of fire' kind of look.
- Changed the duration of the lightning strikes so that they occur more abruptly and sometimes even bead lightning strikes may occur
- A tiny tiny amount of reduction on the bolts' width

P.S If you want to clearly see the lightning bolts, you can try downloading my mod "Lightning in Overcast Weather",
which is basically what the name implies.

Enjoy! :)
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