nz dairys and liquor stores 1.0


hey hey :)

so today i finally release my latest mod :D
(the top download is fivem, the bottom one is single player)

all the food shops in GTAV are now all 4Squares, and are full of nz items, drinks and foods
the liquor stores are full of nz alcohol and foods as well :)
i even managed to make a couple of neon signs in the liquor store lol

there are 2 files i havnt found yet. they are for the window posters in the liquor stores, and the fridge with wine and spirits in the dairy. But i will keep looking and will add an update here when i find them :)

super simple to install for fivem
1. download the fivem version named "charliegirl_fivem_nz_4squares"
2. un-rar the file
3. drag and drop the whole folder into your resources folder
4. add 'start charliegirl_fivem_nz_4squares' to your server.cfg
5. restart your city... done :)

for single player it is a little harder. Youll need OpenIV to install it.
download the single player version called "charliegirl-SP-nz-4squares"
un-rar the folder.
You will have to go to a number of areas to deposit the files.
Always use your 'mods' folder
all the file pathways are written down in the instructions text inside the mod.
each file pathway has a separate folder of files that need to be dragged and dropped into their specified areas eg;
this is the folder name and the file pathway you need to go to to install this mod:


so the folder is called 'cs4_02' and you would follow the pathway stated and once there, open the corresponding folder and copy and paste all the files inside that folder, into the area shown
One of them ('script_txds.rpf') needs to be added into two separate areas, so inside that folder there are extra instructions with both pathways.
Dont forget to like this post, and reference me and my work somewhere please, especially if youre using it in a fivem server... the more people who like my work, the more mods ill make :D
Please do not change this mod, or repost this mod as yours, or tell people its yours please... this took me over 120 hours to make .. thanks :)
if you have any issues, either message me or find me in discord (https://discord.gg/T5rfhTX) and ill do my best to help you get it up and running properly :)
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