Sea Ray L650 Express Enhancement [Menyoo]



This is a very very simple "Menyoo" spawner mod.
With some "Menyoo" magic, I improved RsMods' Sea Ray Yacht.

  • Updated on 9th May 2017 for Sea Ray v1.8.1


    This mod simply adds interior/exterior lights and some decoration to RsMods' Sea Ray L650 Express

  • New tint is added on windows so they are much more visible.
  • Both interior and exterior are well lit to increase the nocturnal fun.
  • Added up to 71 decor items to interior to make it alive.
  • A little bit of collision is added to right side of the exterior to prevent the character from falling into water while walking from back to front.

    Firstly; this mod is only compatible with [Add-on] version!
    Secondly; if you don't get the lights work, press "C" (look back) button a few times, while your character wanders around in the yacht, until you make them lit.
    Finally; the mod is arranged as a "Spooner" file rather than a "Vehicle" file for Menyoo because when spawning it as a vehicle, some of the objects won't load.


    1. Download and install Sea Ray L650 Express following its instructions.

    2. Install Menyoo Trainer and place it in Grand Theft Auto directory (where the GTA5.exe is).

    3. Place the "Yacht.xml" extract the file you just downloaded into folder:
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner

    4. Run the game, press "F8" during the gameplay to open Menyoo and follow these tabs in order:

    Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files > Yacht.xml >

    and make sure you have checked "Start Task Sequences Immediately" options on the menu, than

    > Load Placements

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