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Don't you just hate it when you want to steal someone's vehicle, but when you aim your gun at them they run your ass over and flee? I know I do, which is why I made this mod. Now when you aim any weapon (excluding melee and fists) at the driver of any vehicle (excluding aircraft and boats), the vehicle will come to a full stop and they will get out and flee, leaving the vehicle in your hands.

This modification restores a feature which was originally apart of GTA IV, however for reasons unknown it was cut from GTA V. It's also completely standalone, which means you don't have to play around in *.rpf and *.meta files—it can be added and removed with just one easy click!

You are required to be on-foot for this to work. You can only do this to pedestrians who aren't actively fleeing. Cops and gang members, for example, will ignore your demands and prefer to engage in a fight with you instead, as the game intended it to be. However, there are two settings in the .ini file which you can tweak to your needs.

FleeChance - % chance that the driver of the vehicle will drive off instead of exiting their vehicle. If set to 0, the driver will never flee when you aim at them.

FleeAction - The action to apply for the ped after they exit their vehicle. Refer to README.txt for a list of available actions.

MaxRange - Maximum range you have to be within a ped in order to take their vehicle. (default = 7.5)

IgnoreWhenFleeing - If set to "true", a ped who is already fleeing will never abandon their vehicle even if a gun is pointed at them.

KeepDoorsOpen - If set to "true", the driver leaves their door open when they exit their vehicle. Added for convenience purposes (and a benefit for those who use Cautious Drivers!)

DriverFacePlayer - If set to true, the player must be in line of sight of the driver in order for them to take action against the player.

MarkHitAndRuns - If set to true, a fleeing ped who rams you with their vehicle is marked on your map and doesn't despawn until they are dead or their vehicle is destroyed.

RandomizeAction - When a driver exits their vehicle, a random action (overriding FleeAction) will be applied to them. They can flee, call the cops, shoot you in the face - anything is possible!

RandomizeChance - X percent chance that the driver's action will be randomized, overriding FLEEACTION. Set to "100" to always randomize their action.

Extract the .zip file and place AimingAtDriver.dll and AimingAtDriver.ini in your scripts folder. Requires ScriptHookVDotNet which can be downloaded at the link provided below:


-> Initial release.
-> Removed a debug message.
-> Added an .ini file with three adjustable settings.
-> General optimizations.
-> Rewrote the entire script, addressing a handful of bugs.
-> You can no longer force the driver out of aircraft and boats.
-> Removed the "StopWhenFleeing" setting for now (re-added in v1.3).
-> Added "FleeAction" INI setting.
-> Added "IgnoreWhenFleeing" INI setting.
-> Added "KeepDoorsOpen" INI setting.
-> Added "RandomizeAction" INI setting.
-> Added "RandomizeChance" INI setting.
-> Fixed a bug where maxRange was not being calculated properly.
-> Fixed a bug where fleeChance was being ignored at certain times.
-> Fixed a bug where enemies were treated as peds and would flee their vehicle, thus unmarking them as an enemy.
-> Changes to FleeAction #4; the ped now takes out their cellphone and uses it while they flee to call cops, rather than just fleeing and gaining a magic wanted level 10 seconds later.
-> Added "DriverFacePlayer" INI setting.
-> Added "MarkHitAndRuns" INI setting.
-> Fixed a bug where the INI file would sometimes overwrite.
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