JavelinV - (Hit/assasination contracts) Hotfix


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Drop everything from the mods scripts folder into your own scripts folder.


Press INSERT to start the missions (can be changed in the ini).


4 types of mission:
-Gang attacks
-Single objectives hit
-Driving hits
-Boat hits


I managed to decompile JavelinV myself with Dnspy, and I could fix a few things here and there like:

-Cars not dissappearing at the end of missions.
-Peds models not being released by the game at the end of missions causing performance issues.
-Cars models not being released by the game at the end of missions causing performance issues.
-Script crashing if you die during a mission.
-Script crashing if you cancel a mission.
-Enemies spawning right where the player is standing fixed thanks to JustDancePC

- ScripthookV
- ScripthookVDotNet
- NativeUI
- MP Map enabled (The executive offices are used in some hits)
- Open interiors (Some interiors are used in some missions)

-Changed contact name in the messages from "Javelin" to "Contractor"
-the issue that caused enemies spawning right where the player is standing was fixed thanks to JustDancePC.
-Added driving missions
-Added boat missions
-Added MORE gang attacks
-Added MORE single objectives hits.

V3 Changelog:

-You can only receive missions near your area now.
-Enemies will now attack/run accordingly if they see you carrying a weapon
-About a thousand new hits all around the map.
-Gangs will now defend the targets in their territory instead of shooting at them and killing them for you.

V4 Changelog

-Fixed the most annoying errors in the xmls everyone has been complaining about.
-Fixed instances in which enemies become aware of you carrying a weapon even if they don't see you
-Added a few gang groups of the rednecks gang all around the desert, sandy shores and grapeseed.

Phone contact
-Fixed the remaining errors in the xmls
-Fixed the driving enemies not respecting traffic.
-Added a possibility in the ini to modify at which distance the missions are activated (MISSIONSDISTANCE) Set to 1000 meters by default.
-Added the possibility to call a phone contact to start the mission, the contact is called "Contractor


-Gang groups: small groups of 5 targets ALL over the city.
-Single hits in gang hoods: self explanatory
-Boat hits: self explanatory
-Gas Station: A gang in a gas station refilling, some times they are on foot, some times they are inside their vehicles.
-Hotel hits: A gang outside of a hotel (leaving or entering whatever you imagine)
-Gang deals: a few drug deals around the map


You might notice the missions are repeated inside "JavelinVMissionReferences.xml" this is because, the amount of gang groups is so much
(goes up to the thousands) that I had to copy paste all the other missions, so that when you are playing, you can still get variety
(gang hideouts, drive bys, single gang members, hotel hits, gang deals) if you don't like that, there's a "Normal" file that you can play with
just remove the provided one and change it's name to "JavelinVMissionReferences" although I don't recommend it.

I might have forgotten a few things, but that's the important ones.
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