The Homies Voice lines update


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10 Years later, finally someone made it.

You can recruit homies from the street like in SA


Download and install Ifruitaddon2
Drop the homies and the homies contact in your scripts folder


-Recruiting homies from the street
-Only works as Franklin
-Dismissing homies with a button or by leaving them behind


-Press context (Controller or keyboard) to recruit a homie
-Press radio wheel (Controller or keyboard) to dismiss a homie
-There will be a helping prompt anytime you approach a homie.
-only works as FRANKLIN.


-Fixed homies running away when wanted
-Fixed homies staying in the world roaming if for some reason they get dismissed
-Fixed families gang members from other mods being dismissed by this one.
-Made the limit of homies 6.
-Homies now get dismissed by keypress, death, or being left behind.


Hotfix: Actually working fixes described in 2.0


-Fixed homies entering your car after being dismissed (and for that, accidently bumping into you often)


-Compatibility changes for a new "the beef" update, if you don't use that mod, this update don't matter to you.


-A few fixes to prevent homies from shooting you after you dismiss them, which were probably being caused by the latest "the beef" update, still made some changes to prevent it as much as I could.

-Added a phone contact, that only responds to franklin.
-Compatibility with the beef, if franklin is beefing with the families, they will reject him when he calls.

-The homies when called now get lost less
-The homies when called now arrive faster.


-If you bump a homie once he has been dismissed he will shoot at you and you won't be able to shoot back.
-Some times the homies when you call them get lost, they will tell you to call them again if they do.
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