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A police radar detector inspired by Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.
When you get near a police vehicle the detector will start beeping, and as you get closer it'll beep faster.

Install Script Hook V.
Install Script Hook V .NET.
Extract PoliceRadar.dll, PoliceRadar.ini, and PoliceRadarBeep.wav to within the scripts folder in your GTA V directory.

In the INI file set the speed limit for when you want the detector to start beeping, or set it to 0 to disable the speed limit. The speed limit is in meters per second.
Drive fast past cops.
There are no keys of any sort. To disable the mod you have to uninstall it.

Customizations in INI file:
SPEED_LIMIT: The speed limit of when to start beeping. This speed is in meters per second.
SEARCH_RADIUS: The radius for which to look for nearby cops. The larger the radius, the more lag you'll likely encounter.
BEEP_IF_HAVE_WANTED_LEVEL: Whether or not to beep if you are wanted by the cops.

There is a known small period of lag you may encounter the first time you enter a vehicle after starting the game.
You can change the beep sound to any sound you like, just replace PoliceRadarBeep.wav with any WAV file. This mod only supports WAV files.
This mod does not give you a wanted level at any time! Use other mods that give you wanted levels when going over the speed limit.
This mod does not spawn cops. Use other mods to make more cops spawn.

Source code.

Ardy LvX: for requesting the mod.
Jitnaught: for writing the script.
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