The Pacific Standard Heist 1.3


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This mod allows you to rob The Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank. Simply walk into the front doors and press "E" or Right D-Pad to start the heist! In the hacking mini game press the Enter key or (A on controller) to control it.

-Place PacificStandard.dll, PacificStandard.pdb and PacificStandard.ini into your scripts folder.

- ScriptHookV
- ScriptHookVDotNet
- Open All Interiors (OPTIONAL)
- New Pacific Bank Interior by Gabz (OPTIONAL)

Configuration ( .ini file):
- WantedLevel (self explanatory)
- CashStackValue ( amount of money given per cash stack. x90 to find the final payout)
- showblips (enables/disables the bank blip)

Thank you to guadmaz for providing me with code to his original pacific standard robbery.
Thank you to HeySlickThatsMe for help wtih cutscenes.
Thank you to these beta testers that found bugs in the mod:
Max Luk

- Added Alarm and Vault door sounds.
- Added Success Screen.
- Changed many subtitles to be more accurate to Rockstars version of Pacific Heist.
- Other minor fixes

- People in the bank will no longer run away once the heists starts
- People will always spawn in the bank now.
- You will no longer receive the money if you die during the heist.
- Doors now work with Open All Interiors installed.
- Other fixes

- Fixed first person crash
- Fixed cop car spawns, cop cars will now spawn correctly out the front of the bank.
- Added controller support for cash grabbing
- Added checkpoint sounds
-Duffel bag gets removed on heist completion.
- Other minor fixes
- Release

The Pacific Standard Heist Mod © All Rights Reserved
All files are owned by danistheman262, any modification, or distribution of this file without the written consent from danistheman262 is strictly prohibited.
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