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    I think mainbody variant 3 & 4 are the same

    marzec 01, 2024
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    Model isn't visible as a weapon pickup object. Perhaps check the meta

    marzec 01, 2024
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    I have successfully decompiled and recompiled. There's a few things I'm going to try to add/modify:
    1. Have bag, holster and gun cleaning accessories bought at any Ammunation instead.
    2. Weapon pickup with components (animation included) // couldn't seem to pick them up or maybe a conflict on my end.
    3. Weapon Capacity reworked to allow 1 big weapon to be held, but then dropped if not wearing armor(I'm using a visible armor mod that corresponds to the player's armor level) AND switching to melee or exchanging with another pickup weapon. (also adding components to dropped/exchanged weapon if any were had)
    4. Perhaps use the dealer template for other various narcotics that coincide with Rockstar's online dlc.
    "Lemme hit up the acid dealer." "Lemme call for some molly" "Time for some snow"
    Good stuff man, thanks for setting the foundation for other cool things that can come about.

    luty 17, 2024
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    Can you add the setting to remove the yellow marker over peds that are being aimed at?

    luty 15, 2024
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    add the setting for 3rd person shooting without aiming since it reverts back to the vanilla distance in that instance

    luty 14, 2024
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    A way to make this more immersive would be to include the guards and peds in a vinewood ymt file for the bank and let the trigger be distance from coordinates(behind the teller wall since the door is unlocked anyway) then go from there

    luty 13, 2024
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    How's that paddle shift animation coming along? This script is dope

    luty 12, 2024
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    can you include the weapons.meta and pickups.meta that you are using?

    luty 11, 2024
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    can you get/set filter from the original fpv if perhaps the characters were wearing colorful retro shades and have it applied to the dynamic camera?

    luty 10, 2024
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    Yooo, the jacuzzi/water thing doesn't emit water sounds on the rooftop

    luty 07, 2024