Traffic and Weapon Randomizer 1.1

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Now you can select the vehicles you want to spawn!

This mod now comes with a list with all vehicles in the game ("RandomVehiclesList.txt"). Remove stuff from that list that you don't want to spawn (or add custom add-on cars, should work fine but not 100 percent tested). Planes and boats and helicopters still have separate categories, turn it off in the config if you don't want to have them separate. The list has vehicle model names, that are often different from the names you see in game, so you may have to look for a list that explains them. Also Add-On Spawner shows model names, for example.


Inspired by Rainbomizer mod for SA, This script changes all vehicles found in traffic with other, randomly picked vehicles. The new vehicles have random colors and many of them have vehicle mods (upgrades) applied to them.

Mission vehicles are not changed (I don't know if it can be done, current way of randomizing would just cause the mission to fail instantly), But they still have random colors and modifications.

Police cars are also changed, so now they will be chasing you in supercars or lawnmowers or tanks (if you are really unlucky... I had a truck with rocket launchers try to blow me up once... didn't even know such thing existed). Helicopters are a bit buggy at the moment though...

The script also equips peds with random weapons (but this can be disabled). This makes fights more exciting because your opponents could be coming after you with either rocket launchers or knives and hatchets.

Most things can be changed in the config file (RandomVehicles.ini)


put both files (RandomVehicles.dll and RandomVehicles.ini) in the "scripts" folder (scripts folder should be in the same folder where GTA5.exe is, same folder where all script hook v .net scripts go). You can press F4 and type "Reload()" in-game to reload the script (after changing config or when it crashes), no need to restart the game (just like other script hook v .net scripts).

Required mods:
Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET Version 3.0.2 and above

Add-On Vehicle Spawner
only to prevent certain DLC cars from despawning, or set dlcVehicles to false in the config

Known issues

  • If you drive fast or maybe if your computer is slow you can see cars being changed.
  • Police Helicopters can't see you and fly away after they reach you.
  • Police roadblocks (and sometimes other vehicles, like jets in the military base) start spawning new vehicles.
  • Planes and helicopters driven by normal peds probably don't function well.


Available on GitHub.


  • Added customizable spawn list
  • Removed delay between randomization attempts
  • Reworked and cleaned up stuff in code
  • Added missing weapons (like Up-n-Atomizer)
  • Added link to source
  • Fixed vehicles getting mods/upgrades again
  • Updated for Script Hook V .Net version 3
  • Fixed cars not despawning in version 3
  • Fixed missing vehicle hashes in version 3
  • Removed random vehicle mods (needs to be reworked for version 3)
  • Initial release - works only with script hook v .net version 2
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