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Weapon Variety v0.9 Release

Ever dreamed of using random props on the street as weapons? Directing a GTA5 film but lack a proper weapon prop? This mod would help you a lot!

How it works:
The mod allows you to use a variety of props as new weapons.
It works by making your base weapon invisible and then attach your new weapon's model on it to create an illusion.
So basically you get a new skin on an existing weapon, keeping the weapon stats, animations and sounds.
More features like extra weapon effects might be added in the future.

1.Add any prop as a new weapon. Up to 1000 weapon data can be saved and loaded.

2.Pick up props whose modelhashes had been saved before as weapon, just like a vanilla one.

3.In-game Editor and Creator to manage the props' attributes like base weapon, offset and rotation.

4.Controller support(Not tested, need feedback).
Thank Azorah on gtaforums for the tutorial.

Bonus File:
The NaturalSpawner.cs spawns props at designated coordinates. The script detects player distances and model duplicates before spawning the props, which does not consume much of your PC memory.
You can add more weaponspawns by editing the "NaturalSpawner.cs"
(If you want to share your locations, you can upload the file or share it to me, I'll give you credits.)

1.Find a weapon model and add it manually in the "Weapon Variety.ini"

2.Enable the Creator in "Weapon Variety.ini", and add random props in-game using the Creator.

3.(Not working now as it seem, my bad.)You can also add custom models into modded .rpf files, and use OpenIV's Hash Generator to get the modelname's hash, so you can add it into "Weapon Variety.ini"

Interact with props = key E or D-pad Right
Increase/Decrease Values = Arrow Right/Left or D-pad Right/Left
Turn on light = V
Rotate player heading = num4/num6 or Left Thumb Stick
*If you wish to add weapons in interiors, it's best to acquire a wanted level (so that you can use weapons in interiors) so that the script will not crash.

1.Install Requirements:
.NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher)
Visual C++ Redis- Pack for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)
ScriptHookVDotNet v2.8
NativeUI.dll v1.6.1
(install tip: put the NativeUI.dll file in GTA V\scripts\)

2.Drop the "scripts" folder of this mod into your gta V installation folder(where your GTA5.exe is located)

3.Configure the "Weapon Variety.ini", especially the decimal bug fixer, you have to type . or , after the first install.

4.Install optional files if you want them.


Known Bugs:
1.If you add weapons in interiors without a wanted level (that you cannot use weapons in interiors), the script will crash.
2.On rare occasions, weapon props drop from your hand when you pick them up.

Hope you enjoy this mod and please leave a like or rate this mod!
Don't forget to report bugs =)
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