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    Also if you could add Pakistani SSG Ghillies?


    Here's another pic of SSG face-wise (left)


    And one more


    lipiec 25, 2015
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    For the texture pack could you add Pakistani SSG Swat Uniforms? They look like this


    lipiec 25, 2015
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    @jarhead2012 please PLEASE PLEASE can you tell us how you did it? I tried to replace the files using OpenIV but the launcher kept re-downloading the files. If you use it using the "mod" folder openIV way does it work?

    lipiec 10, 2015
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    Car chasing zombies would TOTALLY SPOIL this mod and it'd be RUINED. Its good the way it is, but needs more hordes like a lot more in cities and the odd one in the countryside (since you wouldnt find that many zombies in countryside anyway). Just make some zombies super aggressive (one hit kill) and others weaker. Make rare one able to jump high and run fast (superrare kind) and have some mercanaries fight them randomly as you walk the map. This is such a good mod.

    lipiec 01, 2015
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    @SquibOnAcid @Anach I've not been playing the missions at all since I've completed everything. I tested this mod out for 2 hours and there's nothing bad about it (except that thermal vision seems to not be blocked by buildings and I can see a tonne of people through them when in real life you wouldn't be able to since heat signatures can't pass through solid matter; can you fix this Squib?).

    czerwiec 28, 2015
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    @Anach @SquibOnAcid OHMYGAWD it works. There's something fucked up about the Bodyguard menu. Can you figure out Squib what actually is in that that stops your mod from working?

    czerwiec 27, 2015
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    This mod doesn't work for me? Does it need updating?

    czerwiec 25, 2015
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    @Anach So when you removed the bodyguard menu mod did it work okay?

    czerwiec 25, 2015
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    So...there's a few issues that need clearing up because the instructions are really, really poor.

    1. Firstly for those of you who can't operate this make sure you have "vcredist_x64.exe" installed (I spent the past hour and half trying to install this mod but the instructions are ridiculous and had to figure this out on my own - I gotta be honest).
    2. Once you have that programme installed follow the instructions the author of this mod has given ie get the lua pluggin (follow the link to rockpapershotgun).
    3. Open GTAV launcher or open via steam and load the game.
    4. Finally press T to activate the Mod.

    However there is a problem. The mod does not work and needs to be updated. It flashes nightvision mode for a brief second and is then gone (a clicking sound can also be heard); it does work but not for long. Thats the only problem there is.

    czerwiec 24, 2015