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  • E379a7 sato ajin

    No reason why it wouldn't unless Script Hook got outdated again @raining bananas

    czerwiec 25, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    If you ever update this again, can you add an ini to change the hotkeys?

    czerwiec 20, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    Intangibility is a pretty cool power.
    Like Kitty Pryde from X-Men.
    Literally just walk through anything and everything.

    My favorite way I've seen it portrayed is in the My Hero Academia manga.
    There's a character with the power, but it's a bit different. EVERYTHING passes through him, including light. So he has to focus really hard to make sure he doesn't fall through the Earth. And when he activates it through his hole body, he can't see anything since the light doesn't go into his eyeballs and just goes through him. Whenever he deactivates while he's inside other matter, he's just ejected which he uses as a form of teleportation. Essentially, make it so where we can become intangible but make everything go black when we go through a building or the ground, but allow us to just walk through cars, poles, people, bullets and such.
    It works similar to phasing in the Flash mod I guess, haven't played it in a while, but that should show that it's possible (not sure about the black screen part)

    But just a thought :shrug:

    maj 21, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    I don't particularly like Julio's mods anymore to be honest.
    Pay gating them definitely serves as a negative for me, but it's not the biggest deal.
    What I don't like is how they change the player so rigidly that you can't do normal GTA activities too well. This is mostly due to the unchangeable keybinds he puts into place, like using E, caps Lock and other keys commonly used in the game as the ones for his powers.

    maj 19, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    Yes, I use 1920 x 1080p as my resolution.
    Windowed Fullscreen.

    maj 17, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    Ah, that must be why.
    On mouse + keyboard it works fine.
    Many authors don't have controllers to test it out (not sure if nm710 does).
    My power wheel works fine btw @nm710

    maj 17, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    I see you added my head crushing suggestion :D
    Thank you!!!

    maj 16, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    Huh strange, it works for me.

    kwiecień 13, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    Oof I think stopping them from ever exploding is a bit too big of a change :P

    kwiecień 12, 2018
  • E379a7 sato ajin

    Ah yes, what @Windwell is suggesting is the ability to control the damage the telekinesis does to peds and vehicles. For example, right now, vehicles typically blow up after impact when I force push them, if I were to decrease the damage enough, it could be to where it doesn't blow up.

    While talking about health, I also suggest the ability to enter a value in for the player's health and health regeneration rate. Godmode is too weak for the mods I play with :P

    kwiecień 10, 2018