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  • Trevor2

    @ArmaniAdnr I do not know what the error may be, since it does not have LOD's done.
    I do not know if I update it, the files are unlocked and can be used by anyone who does not have a profit and upload them (This applies to any file that I have uploaded.)

    marzec 22, 2019
  • Trevor2

    @Youmans518 In the description of all the files that I have uploaded, they can be used as long as you do not have a profit motive.
    In your case I do not see a paypal account or anything like that, so you can modify any of my files and upload them.

    marzec 22, 2019
  • Trevor2

    @GreenAid Thank you, all help is well received.
    Have you noticed how the rear tires are, when the tires are punctured?
    I do not like it too much and I do not know how to modify it.

    czerwiec 07, 2018
  • Trevor2

    @GreenAid I forgot to put the credits.
    Well the truth I would not know how to tell you where the model comes from. I have mixed many. Quite a few parts are from American Truck simulator models, Sketchup, Euro Truck simulator ... xd. The base on which I started is a Gta San andreas model.
    With the next update I will put the credits.
    I have formatted the computer and I do not have the notes of the credits I hope not to leave any.

    czerwiec 07, 2018
  • Trevor2

    @tigbel I do not intend to block it.
    I will only report to those who upload this model with profit motive. (Paypal ...)
    Thanks for the warning, I forgot to put the permissions in the description.

    czerwiec 02, 2018
  • Trevor2

    @zorrozol In the text document (Install.txt) inside the WinRaR you have a link for the car.

    maj 31, 2018
  • Trevor2

    @Pete Mitchell This car model is not mine.
    What I present here are textures, specifically for the body (Liveries)
    They are png files, which go inside the ytd file.
    Please read the description and know what section of mods you are in before commenting.
    This mod is in the section painting works not in the section of vehicles.

    maj 31, 2018
  • Trevor2

    @Flava0ne Good liveries
    The peterbilt ... actually works, has dials, wipers and what I usually put a model for gta, but I had some problems with the template (erroneous polygons) is solved, although I must do the template again.
    I could upload a beta this weekend.
    The model has some failures yet.
    (Lods, collisions, some extra does not work correctly ...)
    But it works hehehe.

    maj 30, 2018
  • Trevor2

    @IUaena <dashboardType>VDT_BOBCAT</dashboardType>
    If it still does not work, change these lines as well:

    styczeń 30, 2018
  • Trevor2

    A lovely model as always. Keep it up.
    I hope to get the model Peterbilt 379 this week. I'm taking a long time because I've changed several pieces and added several extras.

    styczeń 15, 2018