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  • 88f980 avbv20wd 700w 0

    @oldnapalm Thanks, I don't have an account there, but I'll try to make one.

    Also, may the mod have a little performance hit even when you're not running a race? I have it installed and I've noticed I get like 2-6 less FPS while driving in certain areas.

    20 hours ago
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    @PIXELBIT Oh, god, thanks.

    1 dzień temu
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    @HKH191 Good day. Sorry to bother you, but I was having trouble with my FPS and, after a process of testing without mods/dll plugins, I found the culprit is Persistent Rides.

    I tested in the area outside Franklin’s Vinewood home and, with PR enabled, I get 10-12 less FPS than my max (capped). Now, I realized three things:

    1) If I delete all my saved vehicles except one, I get max FPS.
    2) If I disable the option USESPECIFICBLIP, I get max FPS even with all my rides (19 currently).
    3) When my FPS gets affected, my CPU/GPU usage goes down from around 55% to 40-45%. It seems the mod is preventing the game from using my components as it should somehow and thus the FPS drop, if that makes sense. I’m not even close to hitting 100% usage with any.

    So, may it be possible that some leak in the code of the mod may affect FPS? Is having too many vehicles or the option USESPECIFICBLIP too taxing for the system? Also, what is that function for? I thought I’d get the blips together in a single slot if I disabled it (like properties or races blips), but they seem to be the same.

    Thanks for your time!

    2 dni temu
  • 88f980 avbv20wd 700w 0

    @fet0r I just installed this mod and bought a property (the Diamond Casino) to test it. While everything seems to work (menu, phone contact, hotkeys, markers, buying/selling properties) I don't receive daily income.

    I tried passing the time 3 ways: with a trainer, with a sleeping mod and with the regular sleep feature of the game. Many days passed and I didn't receive money from the property at all.

    Doe this rely on real life clock, the time must be real time passed while playing, or what could be the issue?

    I have no errors on my log and it says the plugin loaded fine, btw.


    2 dni temu
  • 88f980 avbv20wd 700w 0

    Do the blips of this mod count to trigger the issue of missions and vanilla game blips dissapearing because you have too much, or are they a different blips system that can coexist with those of the base game?

    3 dni temu
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    @oldnapalm But it doesn't trigger wanted levels dynamically, or does it? I understand you choose whether you can or can't get wanted levels during the race if you commit felonies.

    I was refering to a feat that triggers wanted levels as soon as the race starts or in the middle of it. Say, maybe the police got a call about a street race and they come out to get you.

    4 dni temu
  • 88f980 avbv20wd 700w 0

    @oldnapalm I'll try it, thanks for the tip.

    May I suggest that you consider a feature to have a chance to get a wanted level when the race starts/during the race?

    Thanks for the great mod! I think it's the best for street races. =)

    5 dni temu
  • 88f980 avbv20wd 700w 0

    @oldnapalm Oh, I see. And so, if Cayo Perico is enaled due to the other said mod, setting it off in Community Races should not disable any feature, correct?

    5 dni temu
  • 88f980 avbv20wd 700w 0

    @oldnapalm Thanks!

    Any idea why the behaviour I described happens?

    5 dni temu
  • 88f980 avbv20wd 700w 0

    A question: does this mod cause a weird bug on the mission Scouting the Port by making the ship you have to photograph half-sunk and in flames, or is it unrelated?

    Pic for reference:


    7 dni temu