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    @Audinokill @RusLanParty Yeah I think the Author needs to work out some bugs, as I too sometimes be getting few issues popping up.

    Please bear in mind, the author is also trying to incorporate as many possibilities as he can that we've haven't seen before, so it won't be perfect the first few times around.

    I'd suggest we support this author because of the possibilities that he could add to GTAV that would make this strike Mod one of a kind!

    2 dni temu
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    @sidh1990 No that I don't know.

    Try seeing if Eddlm can point you in the right direction for this one.

    4 dni temu
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    @sidh1990 Oh so then there's a little more work to do, because the author 'Bountyhunter' had added a few improvements from the original, read the above change log to see them (i.e. Changelog 1.2.1 & Changelog 1.2)

    As for how to make these changes, then that's where my abilities in that dept are very limited. This is where the original Author would could be very helpful for.

    I can however, once you get pass how to get started, provide you with some info on how to increase the number of Ped models & possibly where to locate there set health max.

    4 dni temu
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    @zombieguy I'd like to quickly add, please remind those who complain or experience constant or continued game crashes, to remember the fact that there other requirements needed to keep heavy GTA5 modding stable.
    'Resource adjuster' is just one of them and a major vital one, if I may add.

    Other requirements needed are;
    1) Obviously updating to latest ScripthookV & VDotNet versions is advised.

    2) Pack File Limit Adjuster
    3) Heap limit Adjuster (setting this to 10,000 is found to really help for most with mem related game crashes)

    4) Weapons limit Adjuster
    5) SirenSetting limit Adjuster
    6) fwBoxStreamerVariable and decals limit patch
    7) Weapons limit Adjuster .

    Lastly, beware of using large amounts of extended scaling distance, this takes a whole lot of memory.

    5 dni temu
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    @Pr0metheus I truly appreciate your work, its those fine details that makes immersion really possible, thanks bro!

    5 dni temu
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    @sidh1990 Which BG mod source code did you get, the one from Eddlm or Bountyhunter?

    5 dni temu
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    @Cheater4free Oh man thanks for replying, almost forgot about this from months ago.

    But yes exactly, that would be an epic mod, which could add an incredible immersion feel like that of call or duty.

    9 dni temu
  • 6aed96 img 1674512014348

    @Alex94 Oh ok, care to share that though?

    styczeń 19, 2023
  • 6aed96 img 1674512014348

    @Jerlamarel Can this be made into higher res. if possible, like 2k or 4k?

    styczeń 18, 2023
  • 6aed96 img 1674512014348

    @sidh1990 Yes, currently the script is hard coded for max of 2 custom style & model Peds. For editing this part, you'll need to set more custom model values & therefore limits (increasing number of both CustomStyle1Name & models beyond 2).

    As for replenishing bodyguard peds health, I believe that value is also hard coded in the script & would need to increase there. Now its currently not possible to replenish these particular Bodyguards from this mod, however you could simply have them auto respawn after they all get terminated in combat. This is an option found in the mod Native UI menu.

    styczeń 17, 2023