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    @HeySlickThatsMe Which is why it was 0.5 and not 1 for example. I have a lot of stuff saved on ENT - using this mod forces me to either learn how to edit *.meta files (because otherwise I cannot use the scope) and manually enter entity names into the console, or to painstakingly copy every single setting and 40+ vehicle saves (by saving them in a garage/using persistence mod and re-saving them one by one later) into another trainer, which I don't even know if it will have the same functionality and - more importantly - if it will work properly and/or cause any script conflicts with other mods.

    Alternatively, I can rename the model to replace the marksman rifle, but that again requires me to know what I am doing. Which is not a huge problem to me, but it can be to others.

    I believe that this kind of inconvenience warrants rating something as "9/10 Excellent" instead of "10/10 Perfect".

    luty 03, 2022
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    I love the idea, but there are four problems with the enemies:
    -Way too accurate
    -It's like they have a sixth sense, seeing you from a mile away and through vegetation. I can barely see them with a sniper scope, they can somehow immediately identify me through iron sights.
    -As soon as they notice you, they all rush you at once
    -There's way too many of them, especially on open areas - 70 deadeye snipers, all of whom can sense you from a mile away, while you have zero ability to camouflage yourself behind vegetation, and your ability to climb hills is severely hindered by game limitations. Yeah, no way.

    Unless the targets are STRICTLY designed to only be stormed by 70+ bodyguards/soldiers from a private army. This kind of thing needs a tactical approach, and GTA is no Ghost Recon. As a framework, it's good, though. You just need to either drop them using heavy equipment like tanks and APCs, spawn a ton of bodyguards to serve as cannon fodder or make your own zones and remember to not exceed 50 people and stick to tight urban areas, where you won't fight more than 3 units at a time.

    styczeń 30, 2022
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    Soooo.... I think I got it to work as a replacement for the Marksman rifle for the SP. Which was hardly rocket science, you just need to make sure that you're only copying selected lines while leaving some of those necessary ones as they were. Well, that, and you also need to rename the model and texture files.

    So far, I noticed two issues:
    a) You can't take off the scope after you put it on at the shop, so seeing as it's still a MARKSMAN rifle, I decided to just set the scope as the default attachment, much like the original DMR. This is just a matter of changing literally one word in the meaponmarksmanrifle.meta however, so it's a two-minute editing job to revert this back.
    b) If you load the preview for the Yusuf Amir embellishments, the preview model at the shop gets stuck, so it shows the original embellished DMR, even if you move to other options. Doesn't affect the model in your hands, and to fix it you just need to exit and re-enter the menu/conversation with the shop owner, so it seems like more of an annoyance than a serious issue.

    Other than that, it's all your stats, they are just applied to the DMR instead of a new weapon.

    Not sure however how stable it is, as it's my first time doing this kind of edit. The question is: should I post it, should I send you the *.meta files, or are you one of those people that like, hate others modding your mods or something, and I should just keep it to myself?

    -0.5 star because of relative difficulty of getting it to work out-of-the-box, e.g. being forced to use a specific trainer to obtain it and having to manually type in the names.

    styczeń 28, 2022
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    I think you placed a wrong file in the Optional SAM folder. Instead of vehicleweapons_apc.meta, you uploaded vehiclelayouts_apc.meta - and it matches with the original file. You might want to fix that :)

    Other than that, great mod.

    styczeń 27, 2022
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    Me again :)

    Not sure if it has been suggested before, but it would be nice to be able to set up an alarm, i.e. choose how many hours you will sleep for.

    I say this mostly because using this together with Casual Jobs, I need to go to sleep at a very precise hour, otherwise I am not able to make it to certain jobs. Plus, it would make sense to be able to decide at what hour you want to wake up. Then you could replenish only a certain amount of sleep meter based on how long you've rested.

    styczeń 26, 2022
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    @Niziul Sweet, looking forward to it :)

    styczeń 24, 2022
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    Holy hell, you made it steer like an actual helicopter.
    I mean, the 777 handling was already an upgrade, but this is amazing! Maybe a tad too slow, but for a keyboard that's actually better, since you can't make fine attitude adjustments like when you use a proper stick.

    Would you be willing to make handling settings for all the vanilla choppers, maybe? I would love to see what you would do with them.

    styczeń 21, 2022
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    Thanks, but my issue is that AP breaks my OnlineInteriors.asi, i.e. the game crashes when both are turned on. If I remove Online Interiors OR if I disable AP then the game loads fine, I can then throw OI back into the game folder, reload scripts and everything more or less works. So far haven't found any solution for this, and yes - I use both mods you've mentioned and it didn't help.

    Just to keep this comment relatively on topic though, I did check the NPC behaviour with the Vagos chick and she behaved exactly the same - as soon as shooting started, she started putting lead into me. So it's not me choosing wrong parameters in the AP program. I was wondering whether it might be the Police and AI enhancement (the one that makes the police only search for you in the last known location) that I have installed, since I am pretty sure the author changed some things in the peds' behaviours.

    styczeń 10, 2022
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    I think the combat issue might have happened due to me using custom peds? As in, I added them with some weird set of behaviour settings that made them go off? But then the same thing should happen with random pedestrians as well, no idea why it doesn't. But with addonpeds breaking my game and the creator nowhere in sight to update it, it will probably be a while before I can test this.

    Just saying this here in case anyone else has the same problem.

    styczeń 09, 2022
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    Oh, and one more thing - despite having my relationship pretty much maxed out ATM, for some reason my buddy tends to turn on me after entering combat - so I have to dismiss her every time to avoid either shooting her or having her shoot me.

    styczeń 08, 2022