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  • E6718b патрик

    Holy crap! How much time was spent on the creation of this map? Very cool))))

    6 hours ago
  • E6718b патрик

    @Kaniel_Outis Ahaha, really, very cool idea))
    But first I will release an update that will add an underground passage to the hidden input/output.
    Maybe I'll combine the updates into one :))

    But perhaps the update will not be soon, as I have little free time and even in the 7-8 new map-mods))))

    8 dni temu
  • E6718b патрик

    Tell me, please, what does this line mean?

    What can I write instead of "moreExpansion" and how will it affect the game?

    maj 11, 2019
  • E6718b патрик

    Oh yeah! I forgot to turn on this door.))
    I will fix this defect in the next few days, when I will build a tunnel from the secret exit.

    maj 07, 2019
  • E6718b патрик

    Version 3.0 [Total Rebuilding]:
    - This new building!
    - Rebuilt entrance, pantry, bathroom and bedroom.
    - Changed helipad.
    - Redone the lower part of the building with a balcony.
    - Also, in addition to the building, I added a bunker located in mount "Chilliad". You can get to the bunker either through the pantry or through the lower part of the house.
    - On the other side of the mountain there is a hidden entrance to the bunker.

    In the next updates:
    - will be added a small tunnel from the hidden entrance to the bunker.
    - will be added new bunker rooms in the mountain.
    - new home improvements

    The archive contains 4 versions:
    1st: without people on the map.
    2nd: people have neutral behavior.
    3rd: people have friendly behavior.
    4th: people have aggressive behavior.

    maj 06, 2019
  • E6718b патрик

    I really like This modification. This is the best mod for wars at the moment for GtaV.

    1. I have a problem. I have noticed that often enemy ground infantry changes their position on the move. Sometimes it happens that the enemies disappear right in front of you and appear in another place.
    What is the reason for this problem?

    2. Also, I have noticed that the allies are constantly attacking my bodyguards, which I create with your bodyguard program. Is there any way to fix this?

    3. Please, add the headgear for this mod and mod of the bodyguards, if it possible.

    kwiecień 29, 2019
  • E6718b патрик

    Oh, sorry, I didn't see there was a silencer in stealth mode.))

    kwiecień 18, 2019
  • E6718b патрик

    Thank you very much for this update!!! :)
    Now play - a pleasure))

    If you ever have any free time or opportunity, please add headgear support for bodyguards and the use of silencers. (Of course, if it is at all possible to implement in the game)

    kwiecień 18, 2019
  • E6718b патрик

    Thanks for your help. Now the commands work)
    I will wait for new updates to your mod)

    kwiecień 17, 2019
  • E6718b патрик

    I noticed that in the character settings (when you create a bodyguard) you can not choose a headdress. Can you please add this feature to the appearance setting so that you can give the characters caps?
    For example, I created Michael. I gave him an armor suit, but I can't give him an armor helmet...

    kwiecień 16, 2019