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    @Alex106 https://www.mediafire.com/file/hdi87nudlrgyjkj/Road+Sign+Fixes.zip/file

    Here are the .ymap files, plus a map of the junctions and roads I've gone over. I concentrated mainly on Vinewood Hills, Senora Desert and Sandy Shores, but have also checked every country interesction and added/fixed signs on probably over half of them where they were missing. Sandy Shores in particular had no road signs at all, now every interesction has stop signs. Tons of incorrectly placed or incorrectly used signs have also been fixed and moved or replaced with something more appropriate. Theres almost certainly more signs that are wrong in some backroad places but I think I've got most outside of the city.

    kwiecień 12, 2021
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    I've gone through every junction outside the City of LS (Since most missing signs in the city are fixed by that low priority prop enabler mod). I've made sure every one has proper priority signs and fixed many misplaced signs throughout the map, particularly round Vespucci Hills, Sandy Shores and the Senora Desert. Whats the easiest way to send the .ymap files?

    kwiecień 08, 2021
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    This mod fixes the issue above and wow, there are so many details rockstar accidentally removed that this added back, why the heck isnt this more common knowledge?! I would recommend incorporating something like this into this mod if possible, it's like the biggest map fix of all.

    kwiecień 07, 2021
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    So whilst fixing misplaced roadsigns I found something interesting. There are a ton of map details that never appear in game due to a bug. This included a ton of road signs and similar details. The PriorityLevel tag PRI_OPTIONAL_LOW causes objects to never appear in game. If there was a way to overwrite this with a hugher priority level the world would look a lot more detailed. Anyone got any ideas as it seems a good fix for this mod?

    kwiecień 07, 2021
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    @Alex106 Will do, I'm going across the map checking each junction as seems like at least 50% are missing any form of road signs. Plenty of incorrect signs to fix as well. I was going to upload it as it's own mod but makes sense to incorporate it as part of a larger pack of fixes.

    kwiecień 04, 2021
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    @Alex106 I can go one better than reporting them if you want, I can send the fixed .ymap files with the road signs already corrected. Currently I have added missing road signs and corrected a bunch all across Vinewood Hills and working on the desert at the moment. Seems like rockstar forgot to add stop signs to many junctions and in some cases placed them on the wrong side of the road even.

    kwiecień 03, 2021
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    I know of multiple misplaced roadsigns and some hovering rocks around the map, is fixing these within the scope of this mod and if so whats the best way to report them?

    kwiecień 01, 2021
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    @Frostyyy The deformation multiplier is built into every handling file, so not easy to seperate with the installer, but you could manually replace the handling file with the vanilla one using OpenIV though.

    marzec 28, 2021
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    The description of the Cheetah being a 70's prototype was bizarre on rockstar's part as it is clearly a modern car. I've never liked that carbon either so this is a welcome improvement!

    marzec 25, 2021
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    @desantis Still works fine for me, have you got a script or trainer to stop the online only vehicles despawning? The newest version of this trainer does the trick: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav

    The latest GTA update only changed loading times for online so there's no reason for this mod to change.

    marzec 22, 2021