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    @PCForever you mean the ptfx line? cool glad it works

    styczeń 04, 2018
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    @PCForever sorry, i wasn't able to get back to you, but i hope you worked out somethings. you can use the openiv program's search function to find where most of the car files can be found. but sometimes the .meta files are hidden in the updates/update.rpf/dlc_patches section. sometimes hunting for the right meta files drive me crazy. anyways let me know if you got it working

    styczeń 03, 2018
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    @Rmod Customs found one glitch, when changing front bumpers to anything but stock, rear bumper is missing

    styczeń 02, 2018
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    @PCForever hows your experience in replacing cars? last time i tried and only replacing vigilante and replacing certain lines in vehicles.meta gives me that ingame rocket. i'm away from gta machine for a long while and i just don't have time to go over everything and babysit everyone. but the loose files are included in the download, and i had it working before. so with that knowledge, feel free to experiment.

    grudzień 30, 2017
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    probably best one so far, but i do notice no broken glass and body doesn't deform enough in crashes. Would've fixed it myself if it was allowed, and it's that good.

    i like the Aige version too, but the shape is somewhat off and i can't put my finger on it. the other pdimarik version crashes my game instantly and it has to do with the model itself.

    grudzień 23, 2017
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    @tibidisdik44 i haven't gta for a while, if memory serves me right try looking at the vehicles.meta files, especially at the bottom portion of the files where it has lines like
    then change cheetah to penetrator

    październik 08, 2017
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    @zzcool i tried that before wasn't working. but who knows maybe the new update can make it happen. i'll keep it in mind when i find the time to update it (soon)

    sierpień 31, 2017
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    @bug_bug how did you manage to fix that? if you don't mind sharing. i'll incorporate it into my next update, but i probably won't update anything soon until i figure out how to make the rockets work like that voltic rocket car. so far it seems to be that boost effect is locked to that car doesn't work on anything else, and i can't seem to get any help to get it working on addon cars.

    kwiecień 15, 2017
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    @ImNotMentaL none of the afterburner script work since the last gta update

    marzec 21, 2017
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    oh, oops sorry about that. i'll correct it once i get access to that computer again.

    październik 16, 2016