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    isn't there any hope to update this amazing mod? or someone who could edit the source code to make this mod perfect? It's the best (with open all interiors mod) here in this website, don't this amazing die so easily, pleaseee

    kwiecień 04, 2019
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    @NewTheft will this mod get updated? bro
    any news about it?

    kwiecień 02, 2019
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    @charackthe will you update this mod? bro

    marzec 04, 2019
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    @rootcause amazing mod man, thanks!
    Question, could you make same thing u did, but with apartments and stilts houses? so we can buy all of them (since SPA mod is outdated), thanks a lot!

    luty 24, 2019
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    @Grim_ amazing mod, dude, thanks so much!! I haven't tested it yet (I formatted my pc and need to install gta 5 again), but in your video does not seem to exist bugs!
    Could you make more heists like that one in the video, specially 1 heist in the union depository and maybe (if you can) in the maze bank tower (those 2 banks should have tons of polices, should not be easy to make that heist)? thanks!

    luty 20, 2019
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    Hello @HKH191, thanks for making this mod and updating all the other mods, I have a request.
    Could you make a mod that includes all apartments and stilts houses from gta online into SP? since SPA mod from INM has not been updated anymore, I thought you can maybe make a mod from 0 or at least to include some of the apartments to use as safe house and add more apartments to "waste" more money in SP (this is a nice thing), we don't really need the garages from the apartments (that could cause many bugs), only the interiors, think about it bro, could be really nice if you can, thanks!!

    luty 17, 2019
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    Is this mod deprecated? won't it be updated anymore?

    grudzień 27, 2018
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    @CadillacJack how was it killed? last version (5.1) works excellent to me

    grudzień 25, 2018
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    @ImNotMentaL question dude, can you create a mod where any of the three characters (michael, trevor and franklin) can buy the other 2 characters left property? for example, that trevor can buy tivoli cinema, dopple cinema, etc

    grudzień 17, 2018
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    @ImNotMentaL okay, and regarding @carlossilva question, what you mean with scaleform thing? there was before a mod called "buy special/online vehicles" in sp, can't you make something similar?

    grudzień 17, 2018