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    @makinolo This is a brilliant mod, thanks so much for the time and effort. it seems very well thought out.
    I have a couple questions/suggestions:
    Is there a way to change the the keys to activate the mod (f5,f11)? Many mods allow this in the ini.
    Also, is it possible to adjust the speed? For example make the character move at double the speed you're pedalling? Thanks.

    styczeń 31, 2021
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    @R3QQ Thanks for your help, i think i've got the speech working correctly now. It seems you have to restart the game for the changes to apply to that.
    For the engine power multiplier, it does seem to work for cars when I disable it in FFFR but not for planes. I guess there must be some other conflict. It is a shame because its an easy way to get airborne with the power turned up.

    styczeń 11, 2021
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    Just getting to grips with this mod, thanks for doing this. I'm finding there are still peds using colourful language even with the ped_speech off. It certainly seems to be less. I've left the peds_like_you options off - could that be why?
    On another subject, i've found this mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/enginepowermultiplier does not work with FFFR. It shows the values on screen but has no effect. I've disable the keys in fffr and set the multiplier to 0 but the other script still doesn't work. The only real advantage it has over using the builtin function of fffr is that it applies the engine power setting to planes as well as cars. Any ideas?

    styczeń 11, 2021
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    @benjamin94 Nice mod. Is it possible to make it work for aircraft? Planes are too slow

    lipiec 12, 2015