Crazy Bus [Add-On]


Super car level performance & agility but tank level of strength, this can only go well. Its an April Fools Vehicle. yay spoilers.

Due to this vehicle being relevant for one day a year (and this particular vehicle being massively over powered) it has no LOD's and is missing other quality related things, do keep in mind that this isn't an accurate representation of my work and has been thrown together in like 3 days

Huge V8.
Roll Cage.
Unrealistically Strong.
Unrealistically Fast.
Lack Of LOD's because i cba its an April Fools vehicle.
Breakable Windows.
It's pretty much unstoppable against other vehicles however it can be blown up instantly with any sort of weaponized explosive.

You may use this pack in your FiveM server as long as its not a reward for a donation / exclusive to one person

[FINAL] - Initial Release
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