FIB Police (FIBP) Pack [Add-On | Lore Friendly | Soundbank | Template | FiveM-Ready] (Based on FBI Police) 3.03

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v4.0 Delayed
FIB Police Pack v3.03 by Jacobmaate et al.
This mod aims to introduce a new federal law-enforcement agency to GTA V: The Federal Investigation Bureau Police.
This pack is essentially a lore-friendly version of the real FBI Police, with a selection of vehicles and equipment mimicing their real life counterparts. I hope that this pack can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone, even if you're not specifically a fan of the FIB Police concept, hopefully you can see from this pack that lore-friendly mods can still be highly detailed, and at times even closely follow their real life counterparts and yet still be unique.
As of version 3.0, the spawn codes for the vehicles included are:
FIBP - Stanier
FIBP1A - Stanier (Supervisor)
FIBP2 - Buffalo A/C
FIBP3 - Torrence
FIBP4 - Alamo
FIBP42 - Alamo (K-9)
FIBP5 - Granger
FIBP6 - Scout
FIBP62 - Scout (K-9)
FIBP7 - Rumpo
FIBP8 - Pigeon Patrol

---- Features ----
• LODs
• Dirt mapping
• Breakable glass and glass shards
• Liveries (templates included)
• Custom sirensettings/flashpatterns
• Custom soundbanks
• Custom handling
• Custom lore-style lightbars and equipment
• Optional LSPDFR Integration files

---- Change Log ----
v3.03 (Janurary 01, 2022):
• [5M] Updated FiveM-Ready resource manifest

v3.02 (June 22, 2021):
• Added a FiveM-Ready package
• Reassigned SirenSetting IDs for SSLA Comatibility

v3.01 (April 07, 2020):
A small update which makes a couple adjustments/fixes to the last major update

• Fixed a misc conflict on the K-9 Alamo
• Fixed a material hierarchy error on the K-9 Alamo
• Updated LED sideflasher modules used on the Torrence (thanks to ActuallyToxic)
• Added missing ALAMO handling line causing game to crash when spawning it for certain users
• Adjusted and consolidated sirensettings for compatibility purposes

v3.0 (March 06, 2020):
A complete overhaul of the modification: Pretty much as if this was a brand new mod - everything has been redone from scratch. This was done to give the mod a fresh feel, and to ensure that it wasn't bound by its previous version and also making sure that all content was up-to-date. FIBPv2, at its time of release, was regarded by many as the most detailed lore-friendly pack around. One year on, I wanted to make sure it remained that way, so hopefully this update is something that exceeds your expectations :)

• Reworked all FIB and FIB Police assets
• Updated designs: New fonts, colours and logos etc (closer to FBI Police design)
• Updated sirensettings/flashpatterns
• Created new lore-style lightbar and lighting equipment for all vehicles
• Updated base Vehicle models and interior equipment
• Given Explosives K-9 Vehicles their own slots with K-9 package equipment
• Added glass shards to all vehicles
• Added Optional LSPDFR Integration files: Custom duty station, ambient spawning/patrols, backup options etc.
• Updated custom handling
• Added custom soundbanks: New engine noises/swapped 'police' sirens for 'federal' sirens (as per Discord poll)
• Added lighting variations for some vehicles
• Updated U.S. government federal license plates
and more...

v2.0 (February 06, 2019):
• Added 6 more vehicles: Scout (Replacing Gresely), unmarked Torrence, Caddy, Sovereign, Sandking and Alamo
• Fixed a variety of issues: liveries, LODs, lightbar sizes etc.
• Updated sirensettings/flashpatterns
and more...

v1.0 (October 06, 2018):
Initial release

---- Installation ----
Please see the included readme.txt file inside the archive for installation instructions
Installation instructions for the optional LSPDFR Integration files are included inside the "Optional Files" subfolder inside the archive.

---- Requirements ----
OpenIV - Required to install these files to your game
SirenSetting Limit Adjuster - Required to stop sirenSetting conflicts with other packs
Custom Gameconfig - Required to support multiple addon vehicles, otherwise your game may crash

If you wish to install the optional LSPDFR Integration files, then you'll also need to make sure you've installed the following requirements:
LSPDFR v0.4 (or above) - LSPDFR v0.4 or above is required for the optional LSPDFR Integration files - older versions not supported.
LSPDFR EUP Configurations - EUP LSPDFR Configs are needed otherwise FIBP uniforms will not work, and you'll have missing files you'll need to edit.

---- Credits ----
Full comprehensive credits list
With thanks to all the contributors of this modification!

---- Permissions ----
• You're allowed to use this modification for your FiveM server, so long as appropriate credits are given.
• You're allowed to use my assets from this modification for your own mods, so long as appropriate credits are given.
• You're required to seek permission to use assets from other developers found in this mod from those respective developers - not myself. Please see the comprehensive credits listed above to see which assets are mine, and which are made by others.
• If you make a reskinned version of this pack, please only upload the liveries, and provide a direct link to this mod page.
• This modification is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com, lcpdfr.com and gtapolicemods.com. Downloads from other sites will be regarded as stolen.

---- Social Media ----
My Youtube Channel
My Twitter
My Instagram
My Patreon
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