Grotti Brioso XL [Add-On] 1.0

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こんにちは! This mod has been temporarily unlisted. Do not be alarmed though! There will be an update soon™ hopefully fixing a major bug. To prevent any potential constant crashes I felt like it would be better to handle it like this. ✧
"A long time ago everyone bullied the hot hatch. It wasn't until one day, when a questionably creative mind with too much time on their hands has come up with an unusual solution, that the hot hatch has become the bully. This pocket-sized monster truck is a solution to all your problems, while pretending you've got something down there."

This is a Brioso XL, a slightly bigger version of the Brioso R/A. Inspired by the Abarth 500 monster truck from The Crew games.

Originally finished on May 16, 2019, this is technically the first custom lore-friendly vehicle to feature cloth drawables thanks to the then-brand-new feature in Zmodeler. Of course, it's not the first-released now. Once the vehicle was finished I've shown it to friends at TheIvaneh Community Server. We've all thought it was really cool, and so we have instead decided to make it exclusive to the server, so that we have something cool on our server as well as exclusives were quite common for other FiveM Servers. On January 12, 2021, I've also given it four new liveries to refresh it a little. Now, with the server shutting down, I guess it's time to release it. Shout outs to everyone who contributed to the project over the years: TheIvaneh, Racer, Cyankill, Nutrilicious, BeetleComet, Tacksy, Sewasd, jeffMOD, Epic_Viper, theDaimer, NismoSkyline95, gbl08ma, and Ace, and making it one of the best and most wonderful servers to play on. It will be greatly missed.

-Customization from the original Brioso R/A and some liveries. Modkit ID: 598
-All LODs present - they were a pain to make. *holds you at gunpoint* You better like them.
-Breakable glass because it's still 2022. I think the rear left window might be corrupted though...
-A few traffic colors for the people who have monster truck popgroups.
-I still use Google Translate to make the mod available in all languages.
-Rigged suspension. One of the very few monster trucks out there with suspension that doesn't look like it's made of floating triangles.
-Custom sounds. It's louder in first person mode. There's also 1/3 chance of a special horn.

Drop the "spbriosoxl" folder into dlcpacks and add the line "dlcpacks:\spbriosoxl\" to dlclist.xml in update.rpf/common/data. This mod also supports my add-on license plates mod, just remove the commented-out tags in the DLC's carvariations.meta to enable them.

-Game version 1.0.1868.0 and above is required for the mod to work properly. Not my problem if you don't have it.
-Also I tested the DLC pack (on a clean install). Crashes are unlikely, but if they happen let me know there's probably a mod conflict somewhere.
-Spawn name: briosoxl

-Me (Wildbrick142): The mod.
-TheIvaneh Community Server: Support over the years and being an awesome server, as well as the thumbnail screenshot.
-Rockstar Games: Brioso R/A model.
-Dynamo: "Italia Speciale" livery.
-TheSecretPower: remastered decals that I used for liveries.

You are allowed to:
-Use it on FiveM and/or other multiplayer client mods*
-Reupload it elsewhere
as long as you give credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.
*I reserve the right to deny any server from using it at my discretion.

You are NOT allowed to:
-Sell or monetize any content as part of my mods for any reason
-Use data or assets from this mod for your mod
without asking me first and giving credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.

If you like what I do and are looking for a way to support me, you can do so on my Ko-Fi page. Thank you!

That's about it. Enjoy!
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