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The Rebel is one of my favorite vehicles in the game, but I was disappointed in the fact that there isn't a "street" version of it, and disappointed in the fact that there aren't any mini trucks in games any more, so I decided to make the Rebel into a regular old every day truck. It has a few extras (it has the original brush guard, and the original bed roll bar with lights) that I took from other vehicles.

List of changes:
Added the bed cover from the Bobat XL.
Added the bed cover from the Sadler (hides the clipping).
Replaced the offroad wheels with the Comets wheels.
Got rid of one of the brush guards, modified the other one slightly.
Added attach_female so you can use trailers (view readmeh).
The wheel arches are slightly further out than they are originally, so it covers the wheels (good for if you slam it).
The "KARIN" on the tailgate is now an extra.

NEW 1.1:
Added rear bumper and visible tow hitch.
Took the engine from the Stratum, thought a straight 6 suited it better.
Changed engine sound to the Stratum, and a modified version of the Stratum handling to use (still working on that to find something that suits it better, it's a touch too fast).

I might add more, I might not. Depends on how I feel about it and what all I can come up with for it. I am going to make a drift version of this though.

BUGS: When you go over bumps and such, the rear axle and springs may go through the truck bed, and if you replace it with a different vehicle (like the dominator2 instead of rebel2) some of the textures might be messed up. I've replaced the picador with this just to see and it seemed fine so I don't know what the problem would be.

To install:
go to x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf and replace rebel2.yft and rebel2_hi.yft

You dont HAVE to replace the rebel2, you can go and replace any vehicle you want with it, but I always thought that the rebel2 should be like this and the rusty rebel be the offroad one.
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