Beanbag Shotgun Components for Shrewsbury Sentinel 1.0


REQUIRED TO WORK AS INTENDED: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/shrewsbury-sentinel-shotgun-animated

Tired of beanbag shotgun mods that convert the entire weapon to non-lethal or mods that don't allow you to change tints of your weapon loadouts? Then this is your solution!

My desire to make this was both because I was extremely upset Stop The Ped doesn't allow changing weapon loadout tints and also because I wanted to see if it was possible to add a component to a shotgun to make it non-lethal rather than changing the way the base weapon behaves.

This mod adds four new components to the pump shotgun designed to work specifically with AllenKennedy's Shrewsbury Sentinel (but could very easily work with other similar models through simple .meta tweaks). These components allow the base pump shotgun to remain lethal but turn it non-lethal and change tint when they're added to the weapon. This unfortunately can only be done through a trainer, loadout files, or possibly other various mods. Meaning, you cannot apply these in Ammunation.

These new components are named:

To add a component through simple trainer (trainerv) use the "spawn weapon attachment by model name" option in the weapons menu.
To add it through a loadout file include it as if it's a normal component.

Install this mod with OpenIV's Package Installer. It's installation method should allow it to be compatible with all weapon handling mods. However, this also means it cannot be uninstalled through a package and must be done uninstalled by replacing the files it modifies: weapons.meta and weaponcomponents.meta

If I left some useful information out in this description or if you have any problems installing or using this mod please leave a comment.
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