Dancing Wave animations (part 1 and part 2) 1.0

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A pack of dance animations ( included 15 animations first pack, 14 animations second pack). video preview : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZKghIVW16Q

installing for single player: put in ycd file any rpf archive with animations, for example \GTAV\mods\x64c.rpf\anim\ingame , after that you can play the animations by using Menyoo (don't forget to add the name of the animations to the animation list beforehand)

animation list (you need add this lines in \GTAV\menyooStuff\ PedAnimList.txt) :

dancing_wave_part_one@anim wave_dance_1
dancing_wave_part_one@anim wave_dance_2
dancing_wave_part_one@anim wave_dance_3
dancing_wave_part_one@anim wave_dance_4
dancing_wave_part_one@anim tutankhamun_dance_1
dancing_wave_part_one@anim tutankhamun_dance_2
dancing_wave_part_one@anim snake_dance_1
dancing_wave_part_one@anim slide_dance
dancing_wave_part_one@anim slide_dance_2
dancing_wave_part_one@anim robot_dance
dancing_wave_part_one@anim locking_dance
dancing_wave_part_one@anim headspin
dancing_wave_part_one@anim flaire_dance
dancing_wave_part_one@anim crowd_girl_dance
dancing_wave_part_one@anim uprock_dance_1

dancing_wave_part_two@anim 1990
dancing_wave_part_two@anim footwork_01
dancing_wave_part_two@anim headspin
dancing_wave_part_two@anim moonwalk
dancing_wave_part_two@anim n_move
dancing_wave_part_two@anim sdan
dancing_wave_part_two@anim ball_01
dancing_wave_part_two@anim pose1
dancing_wave_part_two@anim pose2
dancing_wave_part_two@anim kp
dancing_wave_part_two@anim robo
dancing_wave_part_two@anim dance_s001
dancing_wave_part_two@anim street
dancing_wave_part_two@anim street_2

Bugs: a few animations have their height set incorrectly, which will cause the animations to float a little in the air. I'll fix it in the near future ( this only applies to 3 animations out of 15 )

animations taken from site Mixamo
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