'You can't hit me!' - Less AI accuracy, anti-bullet-eater 0.1

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Do you got tired about those damn AI peds (including the police) that can hit your feet at 100m., with the crappy 9mm pistols, when you're covered behind a car? Let's fix that big problem and let's make the AI less accurate, so they can't hit you so easily!

I like this modification because i love reallism and i hate the "bullet-eating" effect from the game (getting shotted 50 times on the chest, head and everywhere and don't die), so if you want to make it more reallistic, you can use a mod to reduce your health, or increase the weapons damage. For example, i'm actually using this one: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/realistic-health-hardcore (you die of 1~2 shots if you're unarmored).

What this mod exactly does
It reduces the AI accuracy, so they can't shoot as good as they natively did. The chances of getting hit on a shootout are less with this modification.

Why to use this mod? If you hate getting shotted every time (bullet-eating effect) and you want to make it more reallistic (can't get shotted so easily, but the bullets are lethal - or not, as you want), the this mod if for you.

Remember that this modify the file pedaccuracy.meta, so it modifies the general AI accuracy (from the original value of 2.0 to 0.3). Each type of ped has got their own acc. modifier, and some missions and mods can have different established values for their own peds. Remember too that with this mod, you'll still being able to get shotted, so it won't make you "invincible" or something like that. Indeed, you can still getting shotted to the head for example (i'd like to dive into this to avoid that).

How to install?
Use OpenIV to open common.rpf -> data -> ai and there, replace the existing pedaccuracy.meta with the one provided. On the ZIP i also uploaded the original one, if you want to recover the original one - but just in case, make a backup of your file.

How to uninstall?
Do the same process to install but using the pedaccuracy-original.meta file provided to replace the one contained on the RPF file (rename the original file provided removing the -original tag).

How to modify the accuracy value?
Just open the file with any text editor (like Notepad, Sublime Text, Notepad++...) and modify the next line:

Modify the value (0.3 as i modded, 2.0 by default); as big the value is, the better the AI accuracy will be.
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