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Paint pack for a300 made by me, mod a300 was made by Heinrich_Hans_The 16th, Foxunitone, SkylineGTRfreak.

link to the mod: https://pt.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/airbus-a300-600r-b2-b4-add-on-i-tuning-i-fivem-i-liveries#description_tab

If you want to read a summary about the history of the aircraft, it is at the end of the description.

varig old:PP-VND
Vasp new:PP-SNM

a300:Heinrich_Hans_The 16th, Foxunitone, SkylineGTRfreak

A summary of the history of aircraft:
Vasp wanted to buy 3 a300-b4, but varig with DAC vetoed it, and it had to buy 3 of the b2 version and they all operated throughout vasp's existence, where with DAC's ban on flying in 2005, the vasp PP-SNM was located in guarulhos until 2016, where it was destroyed and today it no longer exists.

On July 3, 1981 the first unit of the varig a300 (PP-VND) arrived and then the (PP-VNE) on June 23, 1982, where it made the first route, (guarulhos-santiago), and then with routes domestic, but with the opening of guarulhos airport, varig decided to sell the a300, where the PP-VNE was sold in December 1989 to Japan Air System and the PP-VND was sold in June 1990 to Air Jamaica.

Cruz acquired two a300s (PP-CLA) which arrived on June 20th and the PP-CLB on June 26th, 1980, the PP-CLA entered service on June 1st, 1980 with the São Paulo-Buenos route Aires, where later its route was extended to Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Belém, Manaus, Caracas and Miami, where afterwards the varig with the success of the aircraft, reconfigured them and painted with the varig scheme, turning the PP-VND and the PP-VNE.
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