Gear Shifting Animation

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Gear shifting animation with shifting sounds for vehicles and bikes, inspirated by Hunks old mod which sadly doesn't work anymore.

Features (configurable through the ini file)
-Gear Shifting Animation for vehicles and bikes
-Compatibility with Manual Transmission by ikt (Automatic detection)
If you use it with ManualTransmission, you must have the latest version(5.5.1)
-Compatibility with different Gearboxes(bike and vehicle): Automatic, Sequential, H-Pattern (Only with ManualTransmission)
-Automatically detectable RHD/LHD and automatically changing shift animation(Full credit goes to ikt for sharing his code with me)
-Left and Right hand wheel Compatibility/Shifting Animations
-Shifting Sounds for each vehicle gear
-Shifting Sounds for the motorcycle gears
-Sound will be louder in first person than in other view modes
-Current gear text and Manual Transmission information text

Planned for future
• Paddle shift anim

• Initial Release
• Hotfix for the ManualTransmission synced steering anim. (I forgot to add the code to enable it)
In the last version it disabled the synced steering anim completely, but now it enables it again after the shifting animation.
• Added new feature: Automatically detectable RHD/LHD and automatically changing shift animation. (Full credit goes to ikt for sharing his code with me)
• Fixed sound configuration doesn't work
• Fixed player makes car shift anim while on neutral gear on motorcycle
• support for different gearboxes (bike and vehicle)
• Smoother shifting Animation for vehicles
• Fixed double shifting animation in H-Pattern Mode
• Fixed GearsText stays on when driving a Motorcycle
• Fixed MT Text stays on all the time
• Replaced BGear.mp3 with a .wav file
• Fixed no shifting animation when not using Manual Transmission
• Code optimization
• minor bug fixes
• minor bug fixes

Drop all files from "scripts" to your scripts folder

Version 3.5.1 Community ScripthookV or higher

Thank you a lot ikt for explaining me how to make the script compatible with Manual Transmission and sharing your code to detect LHD/RHD!
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