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This mod makes gunfights more realistic by adding a morale system to NPCs. Whenever you injure, kill or supress your enemies, their morale gradually decreases and eventually they flee. This makes gunfights often end fast and decisively.

  • Morale system: NPCs react to fallen comrades, injuries, and suppression.
  • Dynamic behavior: NPCs adjust tactics based on morale levels.
  • Realistic gunfights: Encourages strategic engagement and suppressive fire.

This mod was designed to be used with other realistic combat mods. The idea is to make hardcore combat more maneuverable by giving the player more ways to win gunfights rather than just outright having to kill everybody.

The morale system does not apply to mission peds.

Drop everything in to the "scripts" folder.

Morale System Enhancement:
- Morale now applies to all pedestrian groups, making AI vs AI shootouts more dynamic and realistic.
Group Morale Dependency:
- Group morale is now influenced by the number of active friendly combatants within each group, adding depth to the combat scenarios.
Randomization for Realism:
- Introduced individual randomization to morale values for added variation and realism in shootouts.
Configurable Values:
- All morale values are configurable, allowing you to adjust the settings to suit your preferences.

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