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    @avivr Thank you for your hard work!

    luty 06, 2022
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    @WayBak It's killing me having my map looking like it's got the chicken pox. I'd love a little more customization to the .ini to futz with

    luty 01, 2022
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    I'm also getting the the "Error:{---}was not found on peds.rpf" message

    I'm guessing it has to do with a new version of ScriptHook being released yesterday

    wrzesień 13, 2020
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    @Eyon Nah, you can see it in the animation change when your getting tired. Idk, I just like having the immersive features but an option to disable UI once you're familiar with them. Still an awesome mod though!

    czerwiec 13, 2020
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    @mcal9909 Haha playing longer I see what you mean. I'm just murking people and it really is a ton of drugs to be stashing in just pockets

    czerwiec 13, 2020
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    @7thghoul From your GTA V directory, just press CTRL+SHIFT+N and a "New Folder" should appear. Right-click on the New Folder and press F2 and you can just rename it to scripts.

    If you run into issues, you may want to hit up:

    @HSneak From my understanding, GTA V only allows so many blips. If you know where the location is ie Mission at Michael's house, the thing to step on to start the mission is sometimes still there, even though a blip on the map is not.

    czerwiec 12, 2020
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    The stamina drain UI hurts my soul, it takes away from the much needed immersion that this is adds. An option to disable that would makes this a perfect mod in my eyes.

    Adding the Hunger/Thirst/Tired UI in the gun menu was an awesome touch. That's the type of hidden, but immersive UI I like to see.

    czerwiec 12, 2020
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    Awesome mod! Any way to remove the duffel bag though? I'd smack the shit out my dealer if he walked up to me with that big ass duffel bag while I'm trying to lay low lol

    czerwiec 11, 2020
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    The link for the jogger mesh seems to be dead...

    I got around this by:
    1. Download jogger mesh from-
    2. Only drag over the lowr_000_r.ydd from that download
    3. Drag over the lowr_diff_000_a_bla.ytd & lowr_diff_000_b_bla.ytd from this mod

    The shorts are showing because this mod depends on a jogger mesh from another mod whose link no longer is working.

    kwiecień 30, 2020