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"Coming straight from the era of endless violence between mafia families, and Invetero executives being unable to name their latest awfully-handling muscle car. Nicknamed the Phobos, as it's sure to send you to one of Mars' moons following a high-speed car crash caused by malfunctioning pop-up headlights."

This is a Coquette Phobos, based on the C3 Corvette and named in reference to the GTA: Liberty City Stories' Phobos VT. It's also a conversion of the Samson Duke from Mafia III.

--CHANGES - 2.0--
-I always try to release a car with some kind of a special feature nobody did before (or that was rarely done before), so this car has a few of those.
-Replaced the suspension with a new model totally stolen from the Blade. It's also rigged similarly to how springs on off-road cars, or the original Blade suspension are.
-Redone the entire engine - now it shakes and has an animated belt (pls see notes before reporting a bug).
-Reworked LODs - still trash but not as trash.
-Interior is now paintable separately from the secondary color. Use dashboard colors to paint it.
-Fixed an issue with traffic spawn colors being weird, at the cost of some existing ones (can't have more than 25 color sets in a car).
-Fixed an issue with the front windshield becoming tinted when a window tint was applied.
-Fixed an issue with the dlc.rpf contents being a meme.
-Fixed an issue with the fender badges not being symmetrical because of the room made for the VT badge modification.
-Fixed an issue with wheel LODs not appearing. Note, they look bugged in OpenIV but they're actually fine in-game.
-Tried to fix issues with normals but at this point I'm all out of ideas and I gave up. It looks a bit nicer now though.
-Made some minor cosmetic changes to the grilles.
-Reworked some mod parts, such as the side exhausts, or the superchargers with support for the new engine model and animated butterflies.
-Added some extra mod parts but they're nothing new, just bumper deletes.
-Added support for the new Arena War horns.
-Added 10 new liveries, thanks to TheSecretPower, GogoDG, and Cranlet.
-Added a custom soundbank for the vehicle. It's a slightly louder version of Coquette BlackFin's engine, with different door sounds, and rock stations as the default station.

-Some customization for now is present. Modkit ID: 601
-This has LODs, courtesy of the Optimize Tool abu- *ahem* usage.
-Has breakable glass. And some glass shards too. I tried.
-Lots of traffic colors.
-Average performance.
-All languages. If anyone's bothered by Google Translate's butchering then feel free to translate the global file for me.
-This mod did not need any duct-tape to hold it together. Well, not excessively.

Drop the "spcoquette8" folder into dlcpacks and add the line "dlcpacks:\spcoquette8\" to dlclist.xml in update.rpf/common/data.

-This is my first car convert ever. Unnoticed bugs are more than likely to be present. Pointing out bugs and not going too trigger happy on the rating is appreciated.
-The engine belt is only animated on the left side of the car. It's zmodeler's fault, not much I can do about it.
-This is the second version of this. Suggestions for future additions are welcome.
-Spawn name: coquette8. If the DLC name didn't give it away or the trainers didn't automatically list it.

-Hangar 13: Original model from Mafia III.
-Vanillaworks community: Name suggestion.
-Cranlet: "Trailer Trash" livery.
-GogoDG: "Stinger Stripes", "Mechabots Flame", "Flames", "Fire Phobos", "The Phobos", "American Itasha" liveries.
-TheSecretPower: "Red Event Racer", "Arrow Racer", "Pisswasser Racing" liveries.

You are allowed to:
-Use it on FiveM and/or other multiplayer client mods*
-Reupload it elsewhere
as long as you give credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.
*I reserve the right to deny any server from using it at my discretion.

You are NOT allowed to:
-Sell or monetize any content as part of my mods for any reason
-Use data or assets from this mod for your mod
without asking me first and giving credit to me and everyone listed in the credits section.

If you like what I do and are looking for a way to support me, you can do so on my Ko-Fi page. Thank you!

That's about it. Enjoy!
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