Metalpar Tronador OH-1115LSB [Livery | Unlocked] 0.9

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So this is my fifth convert to GTA V, done as a vacaction project. Even if the model was finished like 1 month ago, i got the original Blend files like on 2 weeks, so i converted it on less than 5 days. Skins aren't 4K, but they are more diverse, based around on the few Tronador that still survive around Santiago's rubbish streets.

But still, it has two problems and they're :

LOD0 only
Rear doors don't work

If that's fine with you,then download it and enjoy. Yep, couldn't figure a way to compare and joke about other mod.

Bus Features

Everything on the interior works like it should, mirrors reflect realistically, dashboard lights up at night and completely works, incluiding and steering wheel fits right on player's hands.

The model burns and deforms correctly, with the engine's area more black than the interior. And it actually has a custom burn cycle!

Breakable glass, and dirt mapping on chassis .
It just works and looks nice. You aren't really suposed to crash it tho, since you can't remove anything except doors.

You won't need to change dials
Managed to use original bus dials with no problem, instead of using taxi's dials.

Low polycount
Just 149k polys! Doesn't eat as much FPS as my previous mods, just weights 4MB of YFT.

Maximium amount of liveries
8 liveries total, plus 2 extras, based on Concepcion's buses. Also, includes 2 seat texture variations inside the RAR.


Original 3D model from OMSI : Javier Palacios
GTA V Convert : SerranitaMods

Feel free to share or to modify my mod, while keeping credits!
Hope that you enjoy my mod! I don't care about setting a PayPal page, the only way to support me, is by sharing my mods!

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