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Your Own Storyline

This ASI plugin allows you to fully override GTA V un-moddable YSC scripts, thus allowing Mission Total Conversions and presumably more complex, Map Total Conversions to be made.
It features its own, powerful scripting engine, which actually runs the new mission script, and - in contrast with general-purpose script mods - it can save and reload your game session.
The package also includes the mission script compilers.

Sample mission scripts can be downloaded from this website! These scripts range from a simple Empty map script, to a relatively detailed, working script.
I am quite sure, that script modders with enough patience, and actual mission scripting experience, can make truly impressive Total Conversions.

- ASI Loader
- ScriptHookV
- OpenIV (optional, only for the Menu Disabler)

This mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with mission packs, that stick to the vanilla storyline, or other script mods, that have the same functionality, as YOS does.

Potential FAQ
Before asking very n00b questions, you should read the included FAQ.
But I make one thing very clear: YOS is not for total n00bs. You should learn some actual GTA 5 scripting, before you try to do YOS scripting.

Open Source
This mod is now open source, the source can be found at: https://github.com/JupiterKasparov/GTAV_YOS

Change log
- 2.0 Update 1: Improved car saving accuracy. Now, practically all queryable properties of saved vehicles are stored in savegame. Not savegame.compatible with earlier versions!
- 2.0 Update 2: Fixed critical bug! Automatic wasted-busted gosub return service now works as it should!
- 2.0 Update 2b: Fixed timers not increasing, if thread wait time is routinely zero.
- 2.0 Update 3: Fixed critical bug in GTA5-compatible array length setter routine. Removed redundancy from savegame structure. Not savegame.compatible with earlier versions!
- 2.0 Update 4: Fixed active state of parked car generators in savegame; they're now saved with their actual active/inactive state, instead of always getting saved as active. There was a typo!

For now, no more major updates are planned. Bugs should be reported in comments!
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